Download for free puzzle On Android

Legend of Solgard - a game for the android platform, in which you have to uncover the secrets of the North, and for this move on the playing field of mythical creatures, making up the ranks of three or more of the same. Then they will attack the enemies - Ragnarok and Emble, the main character. The game provides a system of magical amplification

Qorbit - a platform game for android, created by the developers of the studio Sirnic in the genre of the puzzle. It should be noted that this is not the first project of the developer. The game is somewhat similar to Tetris, and "three in a row", and 2048, and the usual arcade, but let's see how great similarity

Fancy cakes is a fun game for android platform, in which you will become a confectioner who will travel to beautiful cities and create his own confectionery masterpieces in cozy cafes. To create amazing and delicious cakes or pastries you should move around the playing field and combine layers

A Fairy Tale of Lotus - game for android platform, the developer IndieLeague studio in the genre of puzzle fun, and beautifully decorated. Your task - to collect flowers, solving each level a new logical problem

Blackies - an exciting game for the android platform, made in the genre of puzzle designers Celtic Spear studio. It should be noted that their game about the match attracted around 50 million fans. The game takes place in a limited area and are somewhat similar to the game of checkers, can be two basic rules, the first of which reads

Cube tapper - an exciting game for the android platform, in which you can test your logical abilities of observation and reflexes, showing that you have to clear the board of colored blocks. At the bottom of the playing field from time to time there are new series of colored blocks

Marble dash - game for android platform, in which you shoot the rolling curve on a winding chain of balls to destroy them before they reach a mysterious cave. Your task - to blow up a group of 3 or more identical balls. You can slow down the movement of the balls and stop them

Nightmare escape - game for android platform, in which you will uncover the secrets of an abandoned house and find out the details took place many years before the event. Many years ago, one boy presented with a clown doll, which forced him to commit heinous acts. Frightening clown doll named Petko still lives

Sticklings - game for android platform, in which you need to take care of a group of silly characters, stupid because they are non-stop and do not notice dangers on the road. In order to save these eccentrics and bring them to the exit from the level, you need to use extraordinary abilities, such as the construction of bridges

Dust bunny sweep -! Fun game for android platform, in which you will get out of the house, a broom sweeping away all the dust from the playing field. I accumulated a lot of dust, and its clubs have taken the form of funny rabbits. They all need to sweep under the rug, to pass the level. The controls are very simple, you can send the broom in the right direction