Download for free fantasy On Android

Mosaic LWP - incredibly beautiful live wallpapers on Android, which include a huge number of bright images in super quality, and special filters exfoliate the wallpaper and form a three-dimensional image

Dragon LWP is an incredibly fantastic live wallpaper on the Android device featuring dragons. Live wallpaper with these mythical creatures will take you and your mobile device into a fairy tale

Alliance: Heroes of the spire - game for android platform, in which you have to fight with the bloodthirsty monsters and powerful bosses, leading a team of brave heroes. Each character has exceptional fighting skills and strength of one of the 5 elements that need to be properly used to defeat the enemy

Realm of valor - game for android platform, in which you are waiting for exciting battles in the arena in a variety of formats: 1 on 1, 3 on 3 or 5 on 5. Your task - to destroy the enemy forces to destroy the tower and grab a base. To do it is necessary to develop effective tactics of the battle. Each character has exceptional properties

Iron blood: Dawn in the dark - a game for android platform, where you have to perform a mission to save the continent defying the ruler of the underworld, and his many servants. You are waiting for battle with an army of enemies, which you need to win and collect a collection of monsters and boss fights

Fantasy forest story - a game for android platform, in which you take a fantastic journey into the magic forest, inhabited by unseen animals, which you should take care of the forest and become the owner. Performing various tasks, growing different creatures, crossing in vitro

Heroes of titans - game for android platform, in which you are waiting for battle with a variety of opponents - monsters. Each soldier, which you will manage, has exceptional qualities and skills. Manage powerful heroes with unique abilities. You have to choose a hero and to perform exciting jobs

Masquerade: The faceless - a game for android platform, which in a fantasy world offers endless battles against monsters and powerful bosses. Your superhero them in game three, has exceptional ability, a unique fighting style, he is very strong and armed with their own specific weapons

Sky assault: 3D flight action - game for android platform, in which you float in the sky above the fabulous locations on a huge bird, fabulous aircraft, mythical dragon and so on, to then use terrain features to develop the tactics of battle. Your main task - to defend your kingdom from the invading army

Siegelord: Clash of empires - a great strategy for Android devices, in which you will build your own empire to rule and protect it from enemies. In this exciting game you have to build fortresses and towers, create an army of soldiers, and to increase its strength to protect your empire