Download for free battles On Android

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense  is an excellent strategy for Android, in which you will build defensive structures on a planet where evil bugs live and mine a rare mineral.

Sand Hero: Epic RPG  is an exciting game for Android in which incredible adventures await you in a mystical world. The game blends the boundaries between fantasy and reality, providing an unprecedented gaming experience

Viking Rise  is an excellent multiplayer real-time strategy game in which you play as the leader of the Vikings throughout Valhalla in the unknown world of Midgard. Grow, hunt, explore, loot and fight in the lands of Valhalla, which are filled with hidden dangers and opportunities

Kievan Rus is an excellent strategy game for Android, for lovers of politics, wars and history, in which you will become the ruler of Kievan Rus and lead your civilization to glory, destroy your enemies, create alliances and trade with other civilizations and achieve your goals

Merge Cannon - Idle zombie war  is an excellent symbiosis of puzzle and tower defense for Android, in which you have to lead the defense against zombies. You need to build and improve towers and other defensive structures. First, you will have access to basic turrets, which become buildings of a new level when you connect them together

Incoming Monsters  is a cool role-playing game for Android in which you have to confront monsters who came to Earth through a magical portal. You need to close the chain of portals to stop the monsters, to do this you need to overcome several waves of ordinary opponents and a powerful boss

Dungeon Pets - Auto Battler  is an excellent multiplayer game on Android in which you will fight in a team of 5 animals in automatic mode. Each pet has its own skills and rating from 1 to 6 stars. The more victories, the higher the rating and new opportunities

Toilet Monster Survival Games  is an Android survival game in which you have to fight monsters. It has been known to launch surprise attacks on unsuspecting victims, creating havoc and fun everywhere. The battle against the fusion toilet monsters is a sight to behold

EPIC BANANA RUN: MERGE MASTER GAME  is an excellent Android game in which you will step into a bizarre realm where a delicious cat banana takes center stage. In this addictive game you will explore the world which is filled with amazing 3D running banana cat

Monster Rampage: Merge Rainbow  is an interesting Android game in which you have to fight monsters. Merge monsters and level up your army to defend your kingdom. Are you ready to lead your army to victory? Recruit and upgrade your army to become a fusion master