Download for free battles On Android

Stick Wars 2: Battle of Legions  is a game for the android platform, which takes place on the battlefield, where your small army must defeat the enemy army. Basic warriors, from which you can get more advanced ones, appear on the playing field at a certain frequency

Evil Tower Defense: PvP Castle Battle  is an excellent game for the Android platform in which you need to lead the legions of Darkness, gather a mighty army of monsters in a card battle of castles, destroy enemy possessions and defend your own. You need to break through the defense and destroy the opponents castle

MODERN WARSHIPS: Online sea battle  is a game for the android platform that invites you to take part in sea PvP battles with a claim to realism. The game is not a simulator of sea battles, but the gameplay is a fun action game with nice graphics. You control the ship and several types of its weapons

Andors Trail  is a platform game for android that invites you to explore several hundred maps, solve quests and destroy zombies. The world of the game is made in the style of sword and magic. Characters move in jerks, and when they collide with zombies, the game maintains a turn-based mode until the end of the battle

Astracraft  is a great online action game for Android. A game about robots with advanced crafting. The world of technogenic games seems like a distant future. The action takes place in futuristic cities, space stations and similar places. For battles, you need to use robots that have many improvements

Subscribe to My Adventure  is a fun android platform game that takes place on social networks and chats, where you can read most of the story. You will learn a fascinating story with funny characters who will need to be pumped during the game. The characters are pretty funny

Dragon Hero 3D  is a game for the android platform, which is positioned as a classic arcade flying shooter. Your character is a rider riding a dragon across two-dimensional locations. He destroys the zombies around him, but there are also level bosses with special abilities. The dragon has an infinite supply of fire

Immortal Legend: Idle RPG  is an excellent vertical MMORPG on Android, with the help of which you turn into powerful gods and angels. This simple game is easy to play even with one hand. Get an exclusive badge, cool skills and your style. Boss battles are the main way to get rare equipment and necessary materials.

Mayhem Arena - Mass Idle Auto Battler RPG  is an excellent RPG game for android in which you need to collect heroes, equip them and fight the armies of other players in large-scale auto battles. Use plants as traps or towers. Sit back and watch your heroes defeat your opponents!

Rakugaki Kingdom  is an Android RPG that reflects your future. This is the last game in the Rakugaki Kingdom series. The main character of this game is the doodle you draw! Grow the picture you drew as a playable character. Role-playing game is very addictive with a developing plot