Download for free battles On Android

Rage of the righteous is an interesting platform game for android in which you will move in time and transfer to the times of the Three Kingdoms, where you will have unforgettable encounters with famous heroes that you can control on the battlefields, and a long journey in search of power

Hero x hero is a dynamic platform game for android that invites you to a fantastic world where you are waiting for fascinating adventures and active battles with the forces of darkness, monster armies and huge bosses. Defeating the enemies with powerful blows, defeat them, collect military trophies. Victory in the battle will allow you to perfect your heroes

Get wrecked: Epic battle arena - game for android platform, in which you take part in epic battles in different arenas, picking up the required number of points and defeating opponents. Your hero has exceptional skills and qualities that you can develop and improve, in order to seize military base opponents

Werewolf legend - a game for the Android platform, where you have to save the world from all evil, which broke free and threatens to destroy the world. You have to visit the bleak land where you meet with ferocious wild beasts, terrible monsters and scary demons, which you have to destroy

Chibbi adventure - game for android platform, where you have to help the Prince Roland fulfill the last will of his father. You will pass in various locations, getting in numerous adventures and heroic battles leading to the crowds of evil enemies, which are the monsters

Critical ops - a great walker shooter on Android, offers dynamic street fighting. You can fight as a soldier of the special forces and the enemy. You have to keep fighting on different maps, it can be industrial facilities, streets and others. The main thing is not to stop, that you did not shoot

Combat Elite - the strategy for the Android platform in which you will take part in today's battles with alien organization FRAY, who wants to gain power over mankind. But there are some brave fighters who are called to overcome evil and to win our planet

Slashing Demons - amazing arcade game for Android. Legend has it that no one told me about how human greed and selfishness caused the wrath of the Gods. As punishment, the gods sent to earth terrifying animals, and began the endless battle of people and divine forces