Download for free role-playing games On Android

Legion of Ace: Shadowlands  is a fantasy RTS strategy game for the android platform in which you develop your city and build different buildings in it. You need to collect resources, conduct research, create warriors and summon heroes who, together with armies, can explore the world

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons  is a game for the android platform created in the world of classic fantasy, in which airships are actively used. On one of these airships, you can fly over the world, which is made very high quality and worked out to the details. The gameplay is classic for games of this genre

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival  is a game for the android platform, which takes place in the world of sword and magic, and which invites you to build a fortress and become the ruler of the area. Start the game with nothing but basic clothing. A wide crafting system allows you to create tools, weapons, and luxury items

Idle Knight - 3D Cartoon Idle PRG  is a game for the android platform in which you collect a team of heroes and go to deal with enemy teams, while the world and characters look like a cartoon. But the battles do not require your participation. The game supports auto battle, so the heroes will do everything on their own

Pereger MMORPG  is a game for the android platform in a world divided into large locations - maps with a transition between them. One type of character is available, which can be classically, in terms of levels and skills, pumped as a magician, knight, archer, fighter or someone else. The choice of weapons, resources, potions and other things is huge

Immortal Legend: Idle RPG  is an excellent vertical MMORPG on Android, with the help of which you turn into powerful gods and angels. This simple game is easy to play even with one hand. Get an exclusive badge, cool skills and your style. Boss battles are the main way to get rare equipment and necessary materials.

Mayhem Arena - Mass Idle Auto Battler RPG  is an excellent RPG game for android in which you need to collect heroes, equip them and fight the armies of other players in large-scale auto battles. Use plants as traps or towers. Sit back and watch your heroes defeat your opponents!

Rakugaki Kingdom  is an Android RPG that reflects your future. This is the last game in the Rakugaki Kingdom series. The main character of this game is the doodle you draw! Grow the picture you drew as a playable character. Role-playing game is very addictive with a developing plot

Guardians of Gemstones  is an android platform game in which you will fight enemies step by step, where you are offered a classic hero collector. Up to  4 fighters from each side can simultaneously participate in the battle. More than 150 fighters are available. The gameplay looks like a map with locations marked on it

Pocketown  is an excellent Android game where you will have exciting journeys across a big city inhabited by strange monsters and creatures in search of unusual Pokemon. You can test your Pokemon pets in different battles. Find new pets with unique abilities and looks