Download for free role-playing games On Android

Blade Idle  is a game for the android platform, which is positioned as an RPG. According to the game plot, a herbalist lived in a fantasy world. There he finds a sword crowned with glory and with his help goes to destroy all kinds of hostile mobs. The basis of the gameplay is breeding mobs in dungeons

Dungeons of Dreadrock  is a game for the Android platform in which you, along with a dwarf, will go through a campaign in an ancient undermountain kingdom. The goal of your dwarf in the story is to win the battle with the Yorkies, the undead and other fabulous monsters. The gameplay is a classic old-school rpg with puzzle elements

Dragon Domain: The Indestructible Warrior  is an excellent Android RPG game with dark pixel style, excellent design and perfect number system, allowing players to experience strategic battles through simple operations. According to legend, Twelve evil dragons emerged from the abyss and populated the entire continent...

Epic Battle Fantasy 5  is a fun game for the Android platform, which is positioned as an RPG game with turn-based battles. Your task is to assemble a team of animated characters and take part in battles against fantasy monsters and cartoonish Nazis. The developers tried to add some humor to the collector of heroes

NEKO DUNGEON: PUZZLE RPG  is a game for the android platform dedicated to cats, glory and danger. To become the most outstanding NEKO, you need to join the world of Nekos You need to fight in dungeons, avoid traps, destroy strong and cunning bosses, equip yourself and upgrade new weapons and spells

MAGIC DUEL  is a strategy game for the android platform that takes place in real time and represents a magical duel of wizards. You are called to challenge the strongest wizard. Collect magic cards and skin cards to make them more powerful by building your magic deck and fighting enemies

CODE ATMA: SUPERNATURAL RPG  - a game for the android platform - a modern mobile role-playing game, which takes place in a supernatural world of techno-thrillers, where humanity, technology and ancient beliefs intersect in a secret war. How will you take part in our victory? The Starlet Initiative awaits your presence

Chimeraland  is a very interesting and innovative open-world sandbox RPG game in which you have to explore the world, hunt, build a house, craft artifacts and much more

Light of Apocalypse  is a cool MMORPG game for Android, a new generation open-source double fantasy mobile combat game! Sci-fi VS magic in vertical version. Control the Panshen Mecha to fight the mighty God Court!

Idle League  is a game for the android platform that offers to take part in turn-based battles between teams of warrior heroes, each of which can be pumped. Many warriors do not have their own names and can be named according to their weapons. There is a PvP, guild system and guild wars. There are also boss battles