Download for free role-playing games On Android

Heroes quest - game for android platform, in which you are waiting for the dangerous journey through various fantastic locations, such as the gloomy underground labyrinths, deep forests, the old cemetery, and so on. In these locations inhabited by werewolves, dragons and other monsters with which your heroes team should engage in battles and win

Epic quest - game for android platform in the genre of "three in a row", where you have to make rows of identical stones and perform tasks necessary to progress through the levels. the Kingdom of Earth captured by the villains, which you need to fight and which to win

Angel Sword - role-playing game for the Android platform from the developer DVide Arts Incorporated, which invites you on an exciting journey through the vast open world, where you will meet with a variety of characters, the ordinary and the fallen angels

Inside out: Storybook deluxe - a great quest to Android, the plot of which is built on the same cartoon, which is now just shown in cinemas. In the game you have to go on an exciting journey through the consciousness of girls and meet with people living in it emotions of 5

World of conquerors - game for android platform offers to become a successful manager, to restore the fallen empire, for which you need to create your own kingdom-state. You can start with a small village, and then expand the territory and zastraivaya its different facilities, has become a powerful state

Chouchou: Puzzle adventure - in this game for the Android platform you need to help free the chicken ridiculous sacred animals, who were under the power of dark forces. You need to hold the hero of a difficult level to reach the summit of the holy mountain. The playing field consists of square cells, which contain a variety of items

Heroes never die - Strategy for Android. Looming hordes of monsters and want to break through to the teleporter. This platform game for Android puts in front of you and your brave hero task to stop the attack of the enemy, placing on his way different traps and erecting defensive towers

Transformers: Rising - this role-playing game for the Android platform offers you defeat the evil Decepticons with his team of brave Autobots and thus save our planet from disaster. Your task is to collect cards with images of popular Transformers

BLOOD GLORY: IMMORTALS - developer of the company Glu offer new market role-playing game for Android. It should be noted that in the past three years, Glu creates its gaming products on the theme of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. In previous releases, you could captivate the gladiators

Trouble with robots - platform game for Android in which you can provide invaluable assistance to residents of the magic forest. They are forced to defend their land against the destructive invasion of soulless robots that for the construction of the stone jungle metropolis destroying nature