Download for free Manager On Android

Pumping Simulator 2024  is a great Android game in which you will manage a gas station. You need to place fuel tanks, buy equipment, monitor how customers are served, manage pricing, pay special attention to infrastructure, which requires qualified personnel

SCP Bloodwater  is an excellent management defense strategy game for Android, inspired by SCP-354 (Red Pool) created by the SCP Foundation. Your role is the newly appointed director of the Red Pond Containment Site, also known as Containment Site 354. Your mission is threefold: attack and defend, collect resources, explore and progress

Gig Life Tycoon  is an excellent game for Android in which you have to perform various tasks and low-skilled work in order to earn money to feed your family abroad, where they were forced to flee together. You can earn money by delivering food, chopping wood, counting chickens on the farm, completing mini-games, etc.

My Cruise  is a great Android simulation game in which you have to drive a cruise liner. Such a hybrid of clicker and manager. You will start the game with a small passenger ship and upgrade it to a huge water hotel that has gone around the world. You will need to build cabins, restaurants, rides

Idle Superpower School  is a game for the android platform in which you have to build and develop a school where talented students with superpowers study. The path to a real superhero is long and hard. You need to build training halls for various superpowers, monitor the leisure of students, hire famous trainers like Superman

Merge Cooking: Theme Restaurant  is a game for the Android platform, which is positioned as a combination of puzzle mechanics for connecting objects, a simplified manager and culinary food. You and your assistant Leah must cook gourmet dishes and develop a chain of restaurants around the world. Ingredients for dishes are obtained by solving puzzles

Jumbo Airport Story  is an Android platform game in which you play the role of an airport manager. Your main task is to make the stay of passengers as comfortable as possible while waiting for a flight, attract new consumers and expand your business to an international scale. To do this, you need to build an office

Plantoid  is a game for the Android platform in which you will go to a habitable planet, where you will develop a farm in an aggressive environment. You will grow different crops, domesticate representatives of the local fauna and trade with other colonies

Kawaii Islands: Kawaiiverse  is a game for the Android platform in which, after a global catastrophe, the fairy-tale world has split into many small islands. The protagonist of the game lives on one of these islands, i.e. you. You are engaged in farming, crafting, trading with other people and furnishing your home

Transport Tycoon Empire: City  is a game for the Android platform, which is a combination of a city-building simulator and a transportation manager. You start as a manager of a small transport company. You must ensure the supply of various cargoes for contractors. why you need to use all the possibilities of transportation