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Escape the ghost town 2 - an exciting platform game for android, in which you will need observation and logic in order to get out of the mysterious city. You will walk through the streets of the city and look in the abandoned houses to find the necessary objects, explore the halls of the abandoned mansion, to learn its secrets

Head soccer La Liga 2019: Best soccer games is an android platform game from which you can move from the world of professional football and lead your favorite Spanish football league team to victory. Bringing your footballer to the stadium's lawn field, you can intercept a soccer ball, strike at goal, score goals and win matches

Escape the ghost town - a game for the Android platform, from which you will find yourself in a mystical ghost town, from which you need to get out. In order to find a way to escape, you need to solve logical problems and look for hidden objects. Residents for some reason left the city, and now you need to examine the premises of abandoned houses

Don't trip! - a fun game for the android platform, in which, by controlling the walk, you will learn to walk again. To control the movement, you will need thumbs to rotate the device. With your thumbs, you can rearrange different shoes, choosing the right direction of movement.

Soul chase: Retro action pixel platformer is an android platform game built on an interesting plot, in which the main character, a brave knight, was cursed by an evil witch. The curse is that the knight cannot sleep, because during sleep his soul leaves the body. But every night the knight falls asleep, and in the morning he has to catch up with the escaped soul

Heroes in the sky M: Origin is a dynamic platform game for Android, in which you can become a real air ass. Taking the pilot's seat in the cockpit of a military aircraft and tightly gripping the steering wheel, you will take part in exciting air battles in different regions of the planet. You can change the course of war by completing historical missions.

Dirt car racing: An offroad car chasing game is an android platform game in which you can show yourself to be an excellent driver by driving different cars on extreme tracks. You can drive a sports car on a winding highway, an SUV through the mud, a race car in the desert, overtaking rivals, passing drift turns

Ability draft is a game for the android platform, which invites you to take part in both single and group battles, controlling a powerful fighter in the arena with exceptional skills, appearance and weaponry. For victories over the opponent awards are waiting for you. Having studied the skills from the list and choosing a fighter

Flip bounce is an android platform game in which you will get acquainted with dexterous athletes who jump on a trampoline and are able to perform various acrobatic stunts. Each athlete has a unique appearance, characteristics peculiar only to him and a set of tricks. Your task is to skillfully manage character jumps.

Escape the ghost town 4 is an exciting platform game for Android, in which you need to get out of the mysterious city, solving rather intricate puzzles, exploring the gloomy rooms of abandoned houses, filled with dusty furniture, and the courtyards adjacent to them. To uncover the secrets of old buildings

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