Android Games

HorcruxCollege  is a great Android game set in a city of the future! Stay idle, level up at any time and summon hundreds of soul girls! Immerse yourself in a fantastic technology feast featuring renowned Japanese voice actors and art by renowned illustrators

Deep Hunter  is an exciting game on Android in which you, in a group of brave sailors, will go out into the open sea to hunt deep-sea monsters. The game takes place in the 19th century with fishermen who have different skills and abilities

Outbreak: Survival story  is a story-based survival game for Android, in which you are the main character who was kidnapped and sent to a secret scientific laboratory with mutant monsters. You need to get out of this laboratory, to do this you will fight mutants, go through a network of intricate corridors and rooms, solve puzzles

Bug Heroes: Tower Defense  is an excellent strategy for Android, in which you will build defensive structures on a planet where evil bugs live and mine a rare mineral.

Nitro Nation World Tour  is an exciting racing game for Android in which you will compete in drag, sprint, circuit racing, as well as exhibition races with drifting and stunts. Win and buy rare collectible cars

Red Ball 5  is a continuation of a cool game on Android, in which you go on an adventure in the form of a red ball. Your task is to stop the confrontation between cubes and balls forever. Fight with cubes, jump, move towards the goal. Lure into traps or jump on enemies to defeat them

Rockys Drag Racing  is a great game for Android in which you are the main character Rocky, who was once a military man and has big problems. You need to put the corrupt Baron Le Front in prison. You can only get close to him by winning illegal night races. With every victory the hero gains reputation

Endless Fears  is an exciting game on Android in which you, the main character Anthony Cleveland, finds himself in a world of shadows with terrible nightmares. You need to escape from monsters in dark levels. In the game you need to constantly hide and run away, since there is no way to defeat the monsters

Turismo Nacional  is an exciting game on Android in which you need to build a racing career, for this you need to take part in high-speed races on special tracks. Include additional hints in practice mode. Set track records without pit stops in time trials

Beyond the Wall  is a great Android game in the form of a classic point-and-click adventure. You need to find out what happened one summer night to the tall house behind the garden wall. The lights in the house are on, but when you knock on the door, no one opens for you. Immerse yourself in a mysterious world where fantasy meets reality with a dash of humor

This section gathers a huge amount Android GamesSmartphone, tablet and smartbook, are all available for free download, after downloading the game on Android, it is desirable to write in the comments about your impressions of the game and it is working.