Simulation Games for Android

Train simulator 2019 is a game for android platform in which you will become a train driver and will transport passengers and cargo. You will control the movement of the train, changing the direction and speed. Selecting the station from which you will start your journey, and the route, you will go on a journey

First fishing is an interesting game for the android platform, in which you can become an unsurpassed angler. In different beautiful corners of the planet there are reservoirs in which you will fish. Your functions are to throw gear into the water, hook the fish at the right moment, twist the reel of fishing line, pull it and loosen it.

Heroes in the sky M: Origin is a dynamic platform game for Android, in which you can become a real air ass. Taking the pilot's seat in the cockpit of a military aircraft and tightly gripping the steering wheel, you will take part in exciting air battles in different regions of the planet. You can change the course of war by completing historical missions.

Pixel petz is a game for the android platform, which invites you to have fun in the company of cheerful furry pets with whom you will play, not forgetting to feed you with various delicacies. Choosing a suit and other details of appearance, you can create your own favorites, then sell or exchange with friends.

Truck simulation 19 is an android platform game in which you can become the owner of your own transport company and transport various goods between cities of the United States, driving a huge truck. Starting your way on the East Coast, gradually discover new states and cities.

Parking island: Mountain road - an android platform game that takes you to the locations of a tropical island, on the roads of which you take a ride on the vehicle of your choice, be it a buggy, bus, quad bike, off-road vehicle or another of the ten suggested, demonstrating your driving skills

Bus fix 2019 is an interesting game for the Android platform, in which you can try yourself as a professional mechanic, diagnosing and repairing buses. You are the owner of a well-equipped workshop in the garage and are taking orders for the repair of buses of six models. You can diagnose to find faults.

My cat Mimitos 2: Virtual pet with minigames is a game for the android platform, in which you will take care of a cute cat that has come to your home. You need to feed, bathe, put to sleep your virtual pet, and also play with him and have fun, blowing up colorful bubbles, throwing balls into the ring. Do not leave the cat without attention

HTR + High tech racing: Real slot car simulation is a game for the android platform that takes you into the atmosphere of the 80s, where you can enjoy active races on special tracks for toy machines. Get ready for exciting competitions and bring your typewriter first to the finish. Winning races awaits you

Flood: Deep underwater crafting adventure is an android platform game in which you can explore the depths of the ocean, for which you will need to construct a bathyscaphe and go for underwater treasures, such as, for example, valuable minerals. Getting rich from the bottom of the ocean you can get rich

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