Simulation Games for Android

Ultimate dinosaur simulator  is a game for the android platform in which you can feel like a prehistoric animal, a lizard, for example, or a saber-toothed tiger. You have to help the dinosaur survive in the harsh conditions of the prehistoric era, for which you explore the dense jungle, spacious beaches and other locations

Spider simulator: Amazing city! - an exciting game for the android platform, in which you have to explore different areas of the city, along the streets of which you will lead a giant spider, leaving chaos and destruction behind, because in order to get game points, you need to destroy different buildings and structures

Bake it  is a game for the android platform, in which you can act as a baker, fulfilling customer orders. When the order appears on the screen, the baker must choose the forms, ingredients for the dough, creams and jewelry for baking, while the forms, tools and ingredients are diverse

MasterChef: Dream Plate (Food Plating Design Game)  is an Android platform game that invites you to cook various dishes from finished products and artistically lay them out on plates. The task gives the dish, and you need to develop its design in order to pass the level. In addition, there is an online functionality where you can lay out your dish

Ultimate Spider Simulator 2  is a game for the android platform, made in the genre of a detailed and realistic spider simulator in the forest, for which you can create a family or a spider clan. You have to look for food, fight other insects and animals, and in order to quickly move around the world, develop a network of web

Air Scramble: Interceptor Fighter Jets  is a game for the android platform in which you are waiting for air battles aimed at the destruction of any threat, so the gameplay is a short flight, but a large number of air battles. Management is simple without the pursuit of full realism

Box Office Tycoon  is a game for the android platform in which you can become the owner of a cinema, building it and developing it. You will create new halls, various outbuildings, karaoke, bars, shops, cash desks and much more. The amount of money earned depends on the number of visitors and the entertainment with which you fill your cinema

Project: Offroad 2.0  - a game for the android platform, in which, choosing one of the proposed cars, you will travel through wild rough terrain with beautiful landscapes and realistic physics. The routes are well designed for driving. By changing various parts, each machine can be improved.

Transport It! - Idle Tycoon  is a game for the android platform in which you can buy a railway station, river port and many other interesting things for your money, as well as a special port crane that fully automates the filling of cars with cargo. Do you have a container terminal crane

Raft Survival: Survival on the island  - a game for the android platform, made in the genre of a simulator in which you will feel like Robinson Crusoe, because together with your character you will find yourself on a raft in the middle of the ocean, which will throw you on a desert island by storm. Of the things you only have a hook and a rope that you can use

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