Download for free animals On Android

Horse simulator: Goat quest 3D. Animals simulator - a game for the android platform, which invites you to make an exciting, but not easy journey through the medieval world. It's not easy because you'll be doing it together with a strange horse that dreams of becoming a goat. In this case, the horse can fulfill his dream

Puppies LWP - wonderful live wallpapers on Android, for dog lovers :). Funny little puppies will certainly please you. Make your mobile device unique with live wallpapers Puppies LWP

Apocalyptic City - very beautiful and atmospheric live wallpaper on the Android device with the image of a post-apocalyptic city. With the application, you have the opportunity to consider in detail every corner of the city, thanks to cameras installed

Clan of puma - game for android platform, in which the main character, who is a cougar, should restore his clan, which with the help of a large map to explore the world and find all the clan members. Found clan members join and help her cougar hunt different prey

Crocodile attack 2016 - interesting simulator on Android, in which you need to manage a crocodile and display it on a walk to the pond, while you need to fiercely attack animals and humans. Point the crocodile in the water to the boats, turn them and attack the people who were in the water