Download for free anime On Android

School girls simulator - a game for the android platform, in which you will again deal with the crafty zombies. But this time you have to help the schoolgirl solve her numerous problems and overcome the dangers, including the destruction of zombies wandering around the school corridors and classes

Guardians of fantasy - a game for the android platform, in which you are waited by an exciting journey through a fantastic world at the head of the team of heroes that you have to form. To make each hero unique, learn and improve his abilities. At your disposal there are riding dogs

Roto RPG - a dynamic game for the Android platform in which you are waiting for exciting adventures in the gloomy dungeons and active battle with monsters, destroying where you can either help combat skills of your character, or using spells. The present diversity of characters allows you to choose a hero with an individual appearance

Monster super league - game for android platform, where you will find a fascinating journey on the airship on the flying islands and dungeons. You need to assemble his team of merry monsters and spend it through the dungeon. Entering the fight with other monsters, you will be able to fill his new team and its members receive the award

X-world - a dynamic game for the android platform, in which you take part in the ongoing team battles taking place in the high-tech world. You can choose the characters of different classes, in order to protect the generator of his team and destroy the enemy tower

Aurcus online: The chronicle of Ellicia - game for android platform, where you have to battle with a variety of monsters to defend the kingdom and does not give you the world plunge into darkness. Your hero has exceptional properties that can be applied with one touch of the screen