Download for free Runner On Android

Drifting School Bus - a very active game for android platform, made in the genre of arcade developers studio Invictus Games Ltd., known for the series Dustoff Heli Rescue Game, Give It Up! and 4? 4 JAM HD. You are very easy to manage the bus, the movement which is neither drifting nor races, so the game is more like an arcade runner

Modi: The game - an exciting game for the Android platform in which you help the main character to realize important projects, for which you need money. Modi, was the name of the main character, has to collect the maximum number of coins during the long race. Along the way, he faces a variety of dangers and pitfalls



Guntai - a dynamic game for the Android platform, where you have to control the flight tremendous flocks of birds flying in different beautifully spelled locations. To increase the speed of flight, you need to recharge the pack, picking up to her bird, sitting on the ground, and to overcome the maximum distance for a limited time

Rabbids: Crazy rush - a dynamic game for the Android platform, where you have to control and manage the rapid run funny rabbit. He scooted running on different locations and collecting banks. Rabbit waiting for exciting adventures, he must overcome the obstacles on the way to carry out dangerous stunts

Run or die - a dynamic game for the Android platform in which you will need the reaction speed and dexterity of fingers, because you need time to press the screen to the main character of the game was able to successfully overcome the dangerous levels full of traps and various obstacles and reach the finish line. Your character has to jump from platform to platform

Chimpact run - game for android platform, which will take you on a scenic tropical island, where thickets of tropical jungles and other beautiful locations runs chimpanzees, which you have to manage by clicking on the screen to do the usual monkey or double jumps and perform other tricks

Up balloon up - an exciting game for the Android platform, where you have to by touching the screen, control the flight of the ball to be put out of sewers and allow him to soar upwards. On the way he faces many dangers, such as, for example, hot tube, touching the ball which burst

Alice in Wonderland: Run Alice run - a dynamic game for the Android platform, which you should bring Alice, the main character, to the castle of the Queen, finding the keys to the amazing worlds. You go along with Alice on a journey in which the magical worlds will be destroyed right before our eyes, and various obstacles

Sendokai champions runner - game for android platform, in which, by controlling the main character of Zach, the hero of the popular cartoon series, you will help him to collect as many of the mysterious stones, running on complex routes, laid across different dimensions. Your character will have to overcome many obstacles

Zombie chase - a game for the android platform will bring you a post apocalyptic world in which your character has to survive, only running away from the disgusting zombies, because it has no weapons, and the walking dead haunt him everywhere. - Your task is to move your character around the screen in such a way as to avoid collision with the zombies