Cracked Mind: 3D Horror Game

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Cracked Mind: 3D Horror Game - a game for the android platform, performed by developers of the ARPAplus studio in the quest genre and telling a really terrible story, the events of which unfold in a gloomy, frightening atmosphere. Developers create games of different directions.

The plot of the game begins somehow detached, but the inserts between the stages of the comic pieces and the events that are taking place gradually reveal the plot, which with every step becomes more and more fascinating. What is the essence? The main character was quite a successful man, he had a good job, a family and a complete lack of problems. Waking up one morning in his house, he became very alert, because he was frightened by the silence of the empty house. He tried to find out the reason and figure out what was happening, but he realized that he was completely at the mercy of fear, which is amplified by screechers, paranormal phenomena and very strange events that accompany each step.

I must say that in all locations it is very, very dark. Maybe it's such a special effect that you are covered with horror, which should happen according to the intention of the creators of the game. Play better in the dark - it will be more terrible, and headphones will increase the sense of fear, thanks to the sound design.

The main properties of the game Cracked Mind: 3D Horror Game:

  • A sharp, fascinating plot at the heart of the gameplay
  • Performing complex tasks
  • Solution swirling puzzles
  • Excellent design in beautiful 3D graphics
  • Clear and convenient control
  • Appropriate soundtrack
  • Free demo version

Negative properties of the game Cracked Mind: 3D Horror Game:

  • Paid full version - $ 3
  • Advertising in the trial version
  • Strong lack of light in locations - very dark

Summary: Do you like horrors? Then do not regret money, because the game is really terrible, and if you follow the advice and play around with headphones, when it's dark, the feelings of horror that has gripped you can not be avoided.


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