Download for free logic On Android

Ta bletopia is an android platform game in which you can enjoy playing your favorite board games in digital format. You can, having studied the rules, arrange figures or cards, as well as take part in competitions with strong opponents or play alone, choosing a place on a virtual playing table

Doctor Who infinity is an android platform game in which you will go to the fantastic universe of Doctor Who, where you will find a new exciting adventure and encounters with dangerous enemies. In the confrontation with opponents you will help your mind and logic, because you have to solve logical problems. You will travel through

Fusion of heroes - a game for the android platform, in which you need to show your inclinations of a strategist by moving heroes around the cells of the playing field and combining cards with heroes for gain. You need to assemble a squad of heroes and complete complex logical missions, crushing a strong enemy in battle.

Birds isle is an android platform game that will take you to a tropical island, where you will sort bird feathers, fruits and other objects of different colors, making rows of 3 or more identical. The island is populated by various exotic birds such as parrots, toucans and others.

The chief: Eye of city - an exciting game for the android platform, in which you will become the new police chief and will conduct police investigations of various crimes - murders, robberies and other things, interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence, catching criminals. You need to monitor the progress of the investigation, supervise your subordinates.

2048 Hamsland: Hamster paradise is an android platform game in which you are to create an island for the hamster's paradise. To do this, you will need observation and logical abilities, because you will have to solve interesting puzzles. On the playing field is food for hamsters - grains, nuts and more.

Town story: Match 3 puzzle - a game for the android platform in the genre "three in a row", in which the main character Rita lost her memories, and you need to help her to restore them. You will pass along with Rita through the rooms of the old mansion, the garden and other locations and will swap places in such a way as to make up at least

Park town is a cheerful platform game for android, in which you will become the savior of the old park, creating it again. You need to sort fruits and plants in such a way as to make up rows of 3 or more identical objects, for which you must solve many logical tasks. For a successful decision you are waiting for rewards, and a zoologist can help you

Dark things: Pilot version is a fascinating platform game for android, in which the protagonist, Mr. Dow, unravels riddles and learns the dark secrets hidden by the characters. Terrible crimes occur in different parts of the big city. Together with the protagonist you take part in the investigation of mysterious events

Circuit scramble: Computer logic puzzles - a platform game for android, in which you can understand the principles of the logic of the computer, as well as test your logical abilities. You need to find the right combination of signals. To do this, direct the electric current through a circuit with many logic elements