Download for free logic On Android

Batman - The Telltale Series is an exciting platform game for android, based on one of the best detective stories about the fascinating adventures of the popular superhero, known among fans of the DC universe Bruce Wayne. In this game you can become a direct participant of events

Cube rogue: Craft exploration block worlds - a game for the android platform, events that occur in magical worlds, where you, along with your cubic hero, go in search of adventure and treasure. You need to spend your character through a huge number of small labyrinths, each of which stores not only treasures

Cubis kingdoms: A match 3 puzzle adventure game - a game for the android platform in which you have to save the magical kingdom and restore its lands, using the power of 7 elements. To do this, you need to install on the game board cubes of different colors and form one-color combinations from them. Each cube symbolizes one of the elements

Mystery match - a game for the android platform, which is based on a fascinating storyline, according to which you immerse yourself in a world of elite, intrigue and gloomy secrets. You have to find clues, solve riddles and fold precious stones so that you can get rows of 3 or more identical stones. Unraveling a tangle of secrets and mysteries

Bunny bubble shooter pop: Magic match 3 island - a game for the android platform, in which the rabbit mommy angry fox kidnapped the rabbit, when cute animals played on the island. You need to save the kids by shooting a multitude of colorful bubbles that are located at the top of the screen and gradually drop

Hexa blast: Block puzzle is a platform game for android, in which you will create diagonal and horizontal rows of identical hexagonal blocks of different colors, dragging them to the playing field. To do this, you will certainly need intelligence and logical thinking. You will need to solve riddled puzzles

Egypt VR: Pyramid tomb adventure game - a game for the android platform in which, revealing the secrets of the pyramids, you can become an archeologist, and a treasure hunter. Climbing deep into ancient tombs, you will have to solve rather complex logical tasks to reveal the many secrets stored in the Egyptian pyramids

Fruit candy blast match 3: Sweet cookie mania - a platform game for android, performed in the genre "3 in a row", which will take you to the country of sweets. Your task is to move sweets around the screen, changing their places, and thus making up a series of 3 identical candies and more

Detention: Escape game - a game for the android platform, in which you will find yourself locked in a house from which you need to get out. And for this, carefully study the rooms of the house, which are fraught with many mysteries, find keys and different objects that you will use to solve puzzles and release from home

Wrecker's revenge: Gumball - a game for the android platform, the plot of which a perfidious villain sent to the abyss of the city of Elmore, and the famous Gambol goes in search of friends, characters of the popular cartoon. He must jump on the islands flying in the vast emptiness, and you must control his movement by swiping his finger across the screen