Download for free logic On Android

Dark things: Pilot version is a fascinating platform game for android, in which the protagonist, Mr. Dow, unravels riddles and learns the dark secrets hidden by the characters. Terrible crimes occur in different parts of the big city. Together with the protagonist you take part in the investigation of mysterious events

Circuit scramble: Computer logic puzzles - a platform game for android, in which you can understand the principles of the logic of the computer, as well as test your logical abilities. You need to find the right combination of signals. To do this, direct the electric current through a circuit with many logic elements

Garden pets: Match-3 dogs and cats home decorate - a game for the android platform, in which you, composing rows of 3 or more fruits of one kind, will create your own garden, where cute pets will live. You need to swap the fruit in such a way that the longest combinations of their identical fruits are obtained

Jolly baker: Match 3 - a game for the android platform, which invites you to go along with a cheerful baker on a journey through an incredible fairy-tale country. At each level, you will perform complex tasks, so that the baker has collected the necessary ingredients for baking the cake. To do this, you need to make up a series of 3 or more identical sweets

Cat cafe: Matching kitten game - a game for the android platform, in which you will show your observation and ingenuity. You have to solve logical problems by combining kittens on the playing field and getting instead big cats of different breeds, colors and colors. Each level involves obtaining a certain number of cats of different breeds

Medieval castle escape hidden objects game - a game for android platform, in which you will need observation, because you have to find a well hidden in the ancient castle of objects. You will go on a journey through the picturesque corners of the castle following the trail of the knight Lancelot and listen to his advice

Onet animal is a platform game for android, in which you will need observation and logic, because you will clear the playing field from the blocks. On the playing field there are two groups of blocks with animal images. You need to connect a pair of blocks of blocks with the same images. In this case, the blocks disappear, and you get points

Willy Wonka 's sweet adventure : A match 3 game - a game for the android platform, in which you need to show cleverness and logic, solving interesting problems. Your task is to sort the sweets in such a way that the rows of three or more identical sweets are obtained, and Willy Wonka will help you restore the chocolate factory

Ball blast is a fun game for the android platform, in which you need to be a smart, sharp shooter. Shooting balls from an exceptional cannon, you can destroy the blocks and circles approaching your position. Do not let them get to the gun. The level of difficulty with each level will increase slightly

Love balls is a very fun and interesting game for the android platform, where you will need to include logical thinking and imagination to draw on the screen lines and shapes of any shape that will help the enamored balls meet. will push them to each other. You can draw bridges along which to pave the way for lovers