Download for free indie On Android

Shproty Pro  is a game for the Android platform, which is positioned as a colored block puzzle game that combines the game mechanics of Tetris and color combinations. The gameplay is divided into 1500 levels, each of which is a field of square cells of a chaotic shape, which must be filled with figures of a certain color

Pigeon: A Love Story  is an android platform game in which you can become a pigeon flying over London or over randomly generated cities. Besides you, the dove, there are many more birds. There is no multiplayer. To score points, you can collect bagels while flying. The game takes place offline, the random city does not require an Internet connection

EQQO  is a game for the android platform, which is based on ancient Ethiopian legends. It is about the adventures of a kidnapped boy. The world is beautifully executed and you act as the boys mother. Interacting with the objects of the world, she directs it. The gameplay is divided into forty levels

Through the Darkest of Times  - an Android platform game that will take you to Berlin before the war, where you will control the resistance of 1933. You will recruit new like-minded people into the ranks of the organization, scatter leaflets, commit sabotage to weaken the Nazi regime

ALB is a philosophical game for the android platform in which the little princess is trying to become a good ruler. A beautiful plot, in accordance with which the princess will occupy the throne and rule the kingdom of her father. But fear and doubt torment her. After the successful completion of puzzles, there are dialogs with various characters