Download for free escape On Android

Word story: Prison break - an original game for the android platform, in which you must help Alan, the main character who is in prison due to a bank robbery, to cope with difficulties, showing ingenuity. Your hero dreams of freedom, so you must help him escape from prison

Stick prisoner rescue - A platform game for android, in which you will help the main character save the captives. To do this, you need to select the right moment for the shot. In the location are enemies that you need to destroy, and obstacles that need to be destroyed. Just by swiping your finger across the screen, you can point the weapon at the target and hit the enemy

Running Fred - are you willing to go into the world of incredible racing with death. This is a real race to the bottom where you can buy for yourself a variety of abilities, with the coins you can collect along the way.
Escape In Space - a space game where you control a spaceship. You have to constantly dodge the asteroids and collect the bonuses along the way. Make all you need without any weapons.