Arcade on Android

FAIRY LANDS  - cool clicker game for Android. Get rich with this game by clicking on coins. Click on coins as fast as possible to score points! Enjoy the fun and excitement with this lightweight app!

PAKO Rumble  is a game for the android platform in which you will take part in races on a track that soars in the void and consists of plates with different properties. Some slabs disappear, some move, some only appear for a short time. The track is randomly generated

KASH PRO - WATCH VIDEO REWARDS  is an excellent casual game for Android, which contains 4 different tasks. Spin the Wheel of Fortune to choose a task for yourself

Unruly Heroes  is a game for the android platform, an arcade platformer in which you can choose one of several heroes - creatures that resemble both humans and animals. Each hero has their own specific abilities and their own style of play

Idle Adventure Tycoon  is an incremental game for the android platform, the original gameplay of which turns killing zombies into resource extraction. Collecting resources from zombies, you can build your camp and develop a team of adventurers who look like workers. As the camp develops, you can unlock warriors, who have a good choice

Rhythm Hive  is an Android platform game designed for fans of Korean pop music. The gameplay is similar to traditional rhythm runners, where you run along the track and avoid obstacles that appear in time with the playing soundtrack. Multiplayer offers collaborative gameplay that mixes soundtracks

Light the Sea  is a platform game for android in which you have to control the movement of a firefly born in the depths of the sea. The gameplay is similar to the jump rope, but instead of jumping, the game supports movement by jerking in the water. By the way, predators and landslides should be avoided along the way. To gain extra points, you have to save

Arcade Hockey 21  is a platform game for android that invites you to play 3v3 arcade hockey. You can take on a team of players from more than 20 characters who have exceptional abilities and their own style of play. Your main task is to score the puck into the goal, participating in arcade fights with rival players

Doodle Dash  is a cool black and white platformer for Android with Stickman, in which you have to run, jump and dash across funny worlds drawn by hand, avoiding obstacles to catch your record! Each race looks different from the last one, with different environments and obstacles

Jump Impact  is a game for the android platform, divided into levels, which are locations with platforms, decorated in dark colors. In each level, your hero tries to jump to the end points at the top of the location, and the hero is a funny monster of unknown origin. There will be various traps on your way

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