Arcade on Android

Kung Fu Attack 2 is a game for the android platform, made in the genre of fighting game in which the Kun Fu master, the Cruel Fist, defeats all opponents through various levels. In this game you will have to fight not with one, but immediately with crowds of enemies. Passage - in the style of an arcade, a large number of tricks and special effects are more like a fighting game

Kung Fu attack: RPG offline is an Android platform game in which you need to crush crowds of enemies using basic hits and long-term combos of high power. You will become a member of fierce and spectacular arcade battles in which, in addition to kung fu techniques, you can use different weapons - from the nunchak and the sword to the chainsaw

Magic Mushrooms is a game for the android platform, which offers you to try yourself as the owner of the laboratory. The laboratory produces various extracts from hallucinogenic mushrooms, which are then sold under the guise of drugs. By collecting mushrooms and sending them to the production line, you can get a lot of money

Vampire evolution is a game for the android platform that will help pass the time, then you will create new types of bloodthirsty creatures, collecting a large collection of night monsters and finding out details from their lives. To get a more advanced look, you just need to connect the same types of monsters

Rocky Rampage: Wreck em Up is an arcade game for the android platform in which you have to go through many obstacles, soldiers of the emperor and other enemies in order to return the stolen collection of magic plants. You will play for the cartoon character Mr. Boulder, champion of the rocky kingdom

Square bird - a game for the android platform, the essence of which is that the square bird brought the eggs to its nest, overcoming various obstacles. Successfully completed mission gives you the opportunity to earn points. Properly controlling the flight of a strange bird, you can go around an obstacle or destroy it

Cartoon network fusion is a game for the android platform in which you can practice your attentiveness by finding the same cartoon characters and connecting them to get new stronger characters. You can connect the characters by dragging one character to another. You can unlock more than 35 characters

Bouncing buddies is a game for the android platform in which you can test your agility and reaction speed. After choosing the hero you like, go along with him an obstacle course, jumping from platform to platform. Rewards await you, but you will get the biggest prize if you bring it to the very center

Toca kitchen 2 is the continuation of a fun game for the Android platform, which offers you to try yourself as a chef. You can treat your guests and at the same time surprise them by inventing and preparing dishes from a variety of ingredients. There is no limit to your imagination - when taking out products from the refrigerator, invent a dish that you want to cook

Bubble Wings is an interesting and challenging game for the android platform for shooting bubbles. The game will take you to the world of beautiful chickens and, if you are ready for exciting shooting, welcome to Match 3 to save all the charming animals. To go through all the levels filled with colorful bubbles and reach the top of the sky

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