Arcade on Android

One Man Inc: Idle Money Clicker  is an android platform game that you start with a small office where you are the only employee. As you grow, you invest in different types of businesses and grow into a large corporation. Business projects are presented as floors in a building - moving up and down you can explore all of them

DESTROY ALIEN TRANSFORM TO TEN  is an android platform game in which you are a super human who can change into an alien to defeat the enemy. You can also explore space in search of aliens who dream of destroying our planet Earth. Since you are meant to be a super human with super strength

STICKMAN NINJA FIGHT - SHINOBI EPIC BATTLE  is a game for the android platform, which is positioned as an action and fighting arcade game. In order to fight the dark forces of evil, you need to create a very strong one by joining millions of players. The game has simple and basic but powerful controls that everyone can understand

IDLE COLLECTOR: BOUNCER BALL - COLLECT CASH  is a game for the android platform in which you control a ball that will bounce and collect money. An incremental physics game in which you tap the ball to bounce, collect money from the spinner, and build your idle bouncer out of the money or gems you earn

BOUNCE BALL ADVENTURE  is an android platform game in which your task is to control the red ball - control the red ball to roll, jump and bounce through exciting locations, which can be lush green prairies, deep wet forests and dusty construction sites

Tiny Island Survival  is a platform game for android that invites you to survive on a very small island filled with forest. During the game, the forest must be cut down by getting a tree. You can also mine stone and use it in construction. The life that resource extraction takes can be restored by resting in a tent

FAIRY LANDS  - cool clicker game for Android. Get rich with this game by clicking on coins. Click on coins as fast as possible to score points! Enjoy the fun and excitement with this lightweight app!

PAKO Rumble  is a game for the android platform in which you will take part in races on a track that soars in the void and consists of plates with different properties. Some slabs disappear, some move, some only appear for a short time. The track is randomly generated

KASH PRO - WATCH VIDEO REWARDS  is an excellent casual game for Android, which contains 4 different tasks. Spin the Wheel of Fortune to choose a task for yourself

Unruly Heroes  is a game for the android platform, an arcade platformer in which you can choose one of several heroes - creatures that resemble both humans and animals. Each hero has their own specific abilities and their own style of play

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