Quests for Android

Beyond the Wall  is a great Android game in the form of a classic point-and-click adventure. You need to find out what happened one summer night to the tall house behind the garden wall. The lights in the house are on, but when you knock on the door, no one opens for you. Immerse yourself in a mysterious world where fantasy meets reality with a dash of humor

Little misfortune  is an exciting game on Android in which you need to go on funny and scary adventures with an eight-year-old girl. You need to find a way out of various difficult situations, as well as meet unusual characters. The main character of this game, Ramirez Hernandez, dreams of finding Eternal Happiness for her mother.

Conquistadorio is an exciting quest for Android in which you play as the main character of a bandit and he finds himself in the afterlife. You have an interesting hand-drawn adventure in which he wants to reunite with his friends

LUCID LENSES  is an exciting and romantic game for Android in which you will go on an exciting journey filled with love, ambition and difficult decisions. A well-thought-out plot will not leave you indifferent. So get ready to embark on a journey that will challenge your wits

Lost Chronicles  is an excellent game for Android in which Lenore, the main character, wants to become a student and assistant to a great doctor. To do this, she went to the town of Forest Hill, where local residents are mysteriously disappearing. Look for evidence of bandits, explore the city and its surroundings

Legacy 4 - Tomb of Secrets  is an exciting game for Android in which you are an aspiring archaeologist who has found an ancient temple underground. Explore different locations with strange traps, mechanisms and riddles. Everywhere the archaeologist will be pursued by a strange force that can warn of danger, show the way or suggest solutions to riddles.

Aqua Romance: Mermaid Otome  is an excellent Android game in which the main character returns to the city of his childhood. A romantic game about a mermaid with whom the main character is in love. You will find yourself in an underwater world where you will learn the secrets of a fantasy world and start romantic relationships with its inhabitants

Soupsoup  is a cool game on Android in which you find yourself in an interactive illustrated magazine Soupsoup with a variety of themes from pixel scenes from famous games and films to fantasy and anime sketches. In order to pass the level you need to find the objects that are located at the bottom of the screen in the detailed illustration

Deadly Nightmare Unwanted Heritage  is an excellent horror game for Android that sends you into a world of nightmares where your mission is to try to break the curse before 6 am. In this game you play the role of his grandmother

Escape Game Lonely Holy Night  is a good game on Android in which you find yourself in a strange house on Christmas, which was your biggest mistake. You need to escape from this house on Christmas night, to do this, solve a huge number of puzzles

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