Download for free classic quests On Android

12 Locks 2 is a game for the android platform in which a small funny plasticine man is waiting for your help to open all 12 locks on every door he meets, since the main character got into an absurd story. To do this, find the key by solving many different puzzles. To complete all the tasks, you need logic and ingenuity

12 locks: Plasticine room is an interesting game for the android platform, in which you will need innovative thinking, logic and observation, because you need to help the hero get out of a plasticine room locked with 12 locks, full of secrets and mysteries. To do this, solve the puzzles and find the hidden keys

Gunzolla is an interesting game for the android platform, in which every decision you make will change the fate of Ricardo, the main character at a crossroads, and the further course of events. You will plunge into an amazing adventure in the Wild West, only you can help Ricardo move on. Your task is to build relationships with other people.

Alchemist: The philosopher's stone is an android platform game in which a world almost covered by a mysterious cataclysm can be covered with darkness and only a mythical philosopher's stone can stop it. Fantastic world in which you need to spend a wandering alchemist, full of secrets and dangers

Do not disturb 3: Grumpy marmot pranks! - a game for the android platform, in which you will joke over the angry marmot Mr. Grumpy to prevent him from quietly taking a vacation. Mr. Grumpy is resting in a trailer on the shore of a beautiful lake. Your task is not to let the woodchuck enjoy the silence using your imagination and different objects.