Download for free pixel world On Android

Ghoulboy: Curse of dark sword. Action platformer - a game for the android platform, in which you have to fight with demons, ghosts and other otherworldly beings along with the main character, a brave young man who challenged the forces of evil. The hero is armed to fight the dark forces with a sword, a mace and a throwing weapon

Loot and dodge - simple, but exciting game for the android platform, in which you have to collect jewelry, with as much as possible. To do this, move the character from side to side and collect the gems that appear here and there in a square dungeon. It is very easy to move a character across the cells of the playing field

Alive in shelter: Moon is a game for android platform in which you can experience how much the life of a colonist on the Moon is full of dangers and all sorts of difficulties. Your task is to survive in the difficult conditions of a small space base. One of the main difficulties is the permanent failure of your base equipment and the limited resources

The witch's isle is a game for the android platform, the essence of which is that someone from a witch who is the ruler of a mysterious island has stolen a mysterious urn. In search of this urn, the witch sends the girl, having imposed a curse on her. Your task is to help the girl to find the stolen artifact

Meganoid (2017) - an exciting game for the android platform, performed by developers of the OrangePixel studio in the platformer genre. This game is a remake of 2017, which, however, is not related to the previous two parts of the storyline. The protagonist - Meganooid, known only for the projects of the developer

Built for Speed is a very interesting platform game for android, made by the developers of the Meizi Games studio in the genre of racing. Having formalized the game in the classic pixel style, developers offer drift, previously inaccessible in pixel graphics. The game can be called a masterpiece, and you should make sure of it by downloading it for free

Orconoid - game for android platform, where you have to confront the orc aggression. To protect the royal magicians needed a shield that you will be moved around the screen, beating them magical spheres that cause damage to the orcs, and their attacks. Large shield are two brave soldier, the movement of which you will manage

Tap tap evil mastermind - game for android platform, where you have to take over the world by joining the association of criminals. The game is designed to train the mind and fingers. You will build your secret base and hire partners in your unseemly fact, the number of which will increase after the conquest of your other

Cursed coins - game for android platform, you will become an adventurer, leading a group of thieves of tombs of the old cemetery, which involved his not quite decent work in the search for the cursed gold. Since the need to carry coins from the cemetery, then you will have to fight the hordes of the undead, ie skeletons, zombies and other monsters. Of course, the king of skeletons

Living alone - game for android platform, in which you can transform into another person because you will manage the daily life of the protagonist, who is a young college graduate. The world is cruel and survive in it without the support of the young man is quite difficult, so your task - to help