Miscellaneous for Android

New Year 2019 Gif is a great holiday app for Android, with greetings in GIF format. Congratulate your loved ones with the New Year holidays with this wonderful application.

Facebook Lite is an application for android platform, the main advantage of which is that it is performed as simply and practically does not require the resources of a mobile device, which is very important for numerous devices that do not have exceptional technical properties. Created the Facebook app

Horoscope for each day - a free app for the Android platform, which provides you with a personal offline zodiac horoscope for each day of the new 2016 and 2017, as well as horoscope for the whole family and friends. Horoscopes constitute professional astrologers. You will receive a prediction based on knowledge of numerology

Solar Explorer HD - HD solar system - an application for the android platform, which contains ready to share with you interesting information about space, its features, on different planets. The application created for curious children and adults who want to learn more about the solar system

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) - Service app for the Android platform, which will not let you oversleep and be late for work or an important meeting. Many application developers for mobile devices to address this problem, but this application helps to wake up already millions of people around the world

Sticky Notes Widget Free - Widget for your bright screen of your Android device "Notes". With this app you will not forget anything important, because the screen will be stickers with reminders or important notes. The app can be customized to any size, suitable for different screens

Valentine YourSelf - great app on Android that allows itself to make Valentine on Valentine's Day. All you then need to select photos and sign names and card for your second half ready

Sound sleep: Deluxe - you nervous, hornier, and you're having trouble sleeping? Do not worry, this is a very useful application on Android will help rid you of these troubles. It picked up a special relaxing music and natural sounds, listening to you is easy to leave the realm of Morpheus

Contact lookup fast - application for the Android platform, which will become an indispensable tool for fast and easy retrieval of contacts from a large array, which is contained in your phone book, including the search for groups. The application also contains a function that lets you find notes and events related to the desired contact

Bodybuilder - a great app to Android, for those who want to pump up muscles and lose weight. With this simple program you will be able to achieve excellent results of his body. The app will make your training schedule and will paint you each exercise

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