Sports games on Android

RVG World Cricket Clash Lite  is a solid game for the Android platform that invites you to play cricket. You can play with computer opponents, other players or take part in championships. There is a multiplayer available. There is no management in the game. You can play in first person, while controlling each player

World Cricket Premier League  is a game for the Android platform that invites you to play cricket. You can test yourself in competitions in crowded stadiums. The teams are like real sports clubs from different countries. The game is played in third person. Gameplay looks beautiful and realistic

8 Ball Billiards - Offline Pool Game  is a game for the android platform that offers you to play billiards offline or against live opponents via the Internet. The developers promised 3D graphics, but the balls are not displayed in explicit 3D, however, the table can be rotated and viewed. You can take part in competitions as well as 1-1 matches

Hockey Legacy Manager 22 - Be a General Manager  is a game for the android platform that offers the management of a hockey club. The gameplay takes place in a tabular interface. Before the game, you can place players on the field and set a strategy for them, although matches are presented as instant events. You are trying on the role of a manager

Football Battle - Touchdown! - a game for the android platform, which offers to play a kind of football. Teams are made up of several players, and each player controls one player. If the ball hits your player, you decide which of the other three players on your team to pass it to

MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight  is a game for the android platform that invites you to become the owner of the ultimate fighting club. You, as the owner, have to develop the infrastructure of the club, select fighters, train them and present them for participation in competitions. Competitions, interesting dynamic battles, drawn using 3D graphics

LEATHER ®  is a game for the android platform in which you can try yourself in the big boxing business. You need to look for people to hire, coach athletes or coach and organize fights. You can hire both young boxers and veterans who have retired from the sport. Each athlete has about two dozen physical

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021  is a new version of the game for the android platform that offers to play baseball, which supports many modes. The modes allow both to conduct the matches themselves and to manage the activities of the team. The game has all the world baseball leagues with real rosters of teams and players

Arcade Hockey 21  is a platform game for android that invites you to play 3v3 arcade hockey. You can take on a team of players from more than 20 characters who have exceptional abilities and their own style of play. Your main task is to score the puck into the goal, participating in arcade fights with rival players

WCB LIVE Cricket Multiplayer: PvP Cricket Clash  is a game for the android platform that invites you to play cricket. This can be done both in 1v1 format with another player, and by participating in the online championship. There are controls because you will control each player on your team during their turn to participate in the game

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