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Zoo's Truck: Food Truck Tycoonew - an educational game for children on Android. You need to help the little tiger cub develop its store on wheels. To do this, you need to make a variety of juices, sweets, ice cream, and various delicious desserts. Drive your van, sell your desserts

Farmer's fairy tale is a game for the android platform in which you will become a real farmer, discovering the fantastic world of agriculture. You have to restore a small dilapidated farm. Mr. Caton will help you, who periodically gives advice on how to set up fields, plant wheat and harvest crops.

Chicago train: Idle transport tycoon - a game for the android platform in which you can become an influential tycoon by managing the train service in Chicago. By building your own railroad, you will profit from passenger traffic, because you will carry passengers to the most remote corners of the United States

Coffee Craze: Idle barista tycoon - a game for the android platform, in which starting a business with a small coffee shop, you can create a coffee empire, opening your coffee houses around the world and improving them bringing them up to world standards. The management of the coffee shop can and should be transferred to a competent manager

Happy cooking: Chef fever is a fun game for the Android platform, which gives you the opportunity to become a famous chef, for which you will prepare delicious dishes such as pizza, hamburger, hot dog, sushi and more for restaurant customers who, By the way, a lot, and at the same time avoid mistakes in recipes

Coal burnout: Race the steam! - a game for the android platform, which will take you to the heyday of steam technology, where you will manage your locomotive, accelerating it to maximum speed, in order to quickly go the distance and be the first among rivals. The engine runs on coal, which must be thrown into the furnace

Julie's sweets is an android platform game in which the main character Julie cannot fully decide what to do in the future - go to college or help parents in the family business, namely in a restaurant, taking it to a new level. Your task is to cook delicious meals with Julie and serve restaurant customers

Barbie dreamhouse adventures is a fun android platform game in which the popular Barbie doll help Barbie and her friends move to a new home that you need to build. You need to decorate each room, which will require your own interior design. Prepare for parties, prepare in the kitchen a variety of treats

Wild west: Explore shoot trade is a fun game for the android platform, which invites you to become a pioneer, go to the Wild West, and get to his treasure. You can become a millionaire if you are in the business of extracting valuable minerals. To do this, open mines, hire personnel and mine gold, iron

Qube town - a fun game for the android platform invites you to build a beautiful cozy city, to become its mayor in order to tackle its development. The city should be comfortable, so be engaged in the construction of residential neighborhoods, recreation areas, factories and other useful facilities. For example, build a zoo and populate it with various animals.