Download for free manager On Android

Pico Islands  is a game for the Android platform in which you have to manage a settlement on the island, from building the first houses to establishing trade with other tribes. You need to go a long way from a small village to a huge port city, for which you will have to build various buildings, extract resources and organize routes

Home Organizer Life  is a cool puzzle game for Android that will both relax your brain and make you think. Train your brain with this interesting game, organize your pantry beautifully

Steam Train Tycoon: Idle Game  is a game for the Android platform, which is positioned as a railway clicker tycoon. Stations and trains carrying passengers are at your disposal. Locomotives pull trains. Inside the cars you can find modern technology, and passengers can be both people and monsters or aliens

KNIGHTS OF ROMANCE AND VALOR GAME  is an excellent Android game in which you will choose from gallant and beautiful knights of the Round Table! Caught between boring lectures and ruthless bullies, a book about the legends of Camelot and its famous knights has become a welcome haven.

Arcatopia Game  is a game for android platform in which you can grow the spirit of the Arcana with the help of magical power and enjoy dressing up and changing rooms. A soothing dress-up game where you can live with my own Arcana spirit in the magic school "Arcatopia Magic Academy". You can change and change your room

Hockey Legacy Manager 22 - Be a General Manager  is a game for the android platform that offers the management of a hockey club. The gameplay takes place in a tabular interface. Before the game, you can place players on the field and set a strategy for them, although matches are presented as instant events. You are trying on the role of a manager

Basketball Legacy Manager 22  is a game for the android platform in which you play the role of the manager of a basketball club. The gameplay is close to reality - a real manager must operate tables with data and documentation. You can buy and poach players, conduct reconnaissance in other clubs

MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight  is a game for the android platform that invites you to become the owner of the ultimate fighting club. You, as the owner, have to develop the infrastructure of the club, select fighters, train them and present them for participation in competitions. Competitions, interesting dynamic battles, drawn using 3D graphics

Idle Zombie Hospital Tycoon: Management Game  is a game for the android platform that invites you to become the owner of a hospital where zombies are treated in the world of the zombie apocalypse. Zombies are trying to kill the surviving people. The gameplay is a full-fledged hospital simulator where you can purchase equipment

Kuma Sushi Bar  is a game for the android platform that offers to serve orders of animal visitors by managing a sushi bar. The characters are cartoon animals, and the gameplay is connected with cooking. First, we mix the ingredients, and then we perform the specified actions with them using a swipe or tap on the future dish