Download for free farm On Android

Farming simulator 2017 - a game for the android platform in which you can become a successful farmer, enjoying the farm life. You have to drive a powerful tractor and other agricultural machinery, processing the endless fields of your wonderful farm. Attach various equipment to the tractor, such as a plow, seeder, harrow and more

Big Farm: Story is a kind and calm game for the android platform, which offers to act as a character - the daughter of a farmer who is engaged in agriculture, bypassing the farm, completing various tasks and developing the world around. So, the farm, on which the character falls, survived the storm, but collecting and extracting resources

Farmer's fairy tale is a game for the android platform in which you will become a real farmer, discovering the fantastic world of agriculture. You have to restore a small dilapidated farm. Mr. Caton will help you, who periodically gives advice on how to set up fields, plant wheat and harvest crops.

Qube town - a fun game for the android platform invites you to build a beautiful cozy city, to become its mayor in order to tackle its development. The city should be comfortable, so be engaged in the construction of residential neighborhoods, recreation areas, factories and other useful facilities. For example, build a zoo and populate it with various animals.

Super idle cats: Tap farm is a platform game for android that offers you to become a successful cat farmer, helping the seals to grow fruits and vegetables, because these seals love them very much. In order to harvest vegetables and fruits, you just need to press as often as possible on the screen. The more fruits you collect, the reward will be felt

Golden farm: Happy farming day is a platform game for android in which you can become a successful farmer by building your own farm where you can grow different crops, collect good harvests, take care of pets, get wool, milk and other products

Crowdy farm: Agility guidance is a fun game for the android platform, where you will be taken to the farm. On the farm there live different domestic animals - and chickens, and pigs, and cows, and others. Each animal needs to get to a certain place on the farm, someone in the chicken coop, and someone in the shed. Your task is to help cute animals get to where they should be and manage them

Princess kingdom city builder - a game for the android platform, in which you need, together with help the beautiful princess, the main character of the game, to lead the kingdom to prosperity. To do this, you will build different buildings, such as workshops, factories and plants for processing raw materials and producing various products

Silk road is a game for android platform in which you can turn a desert into a blooming garden, having built a city in an oasis. The city is located at the intersection of busy shopping routes, so your task is to develop the city and engage in trade. Your little oasis can turn into a rich farm

Fairy kingdom: World of magic - a game for the android platform, in which you have to return the former greatness to a kingdom that has fallen into decay, to save the beautiful princess and defeat the wicked witch. To solve the task, you need to build and develop a magical kingdom, erecting beautiful houses and castles, sow fields