Download for free puzzles On Android

Catomic is a fun platform game for android, whose characters want to conquer Mars, flying into space. You need to compile a series of at least three identical figures - cats, owls, and others, for example, raccoons and mice, which you can open by completing the task and getting points. To successfully overcome the long path

Blyss - game for android platform, created by developers ZPLAY games studios in the genre combined the principle of games "three in a row." Game from the start will make your gray matter moving, because you run into difficulties. The essence of the game is that you need to devote either horizontally or vertically tiles to remove them.

Family guy another freakin 'mobile game - a game for android platform, in which you are waiting for an incredible adventure and unexpected events. You will go on a fascinating journey through the Quahog on the truck, filled with alcohol, you need to sort, changing their positions and accounting for the series for at least 3 of the same drinks

Blackies - an exciting game for the android platform, made in the genre of puzzle designers Celtic Spear studio. It should be noted that their game about the match attracted around 50 million fans. The game takes place in a limited area and are somewhat similar to the game of checkers, can be two basic rules, the first of which reads

Color picture - an exciting game for the android platform. Performing interesting tasks, you will appreciate its artistic and creative abilities, because you have to fill in the colors of white space to create a beautiful picture with it as quickly as possible

Gems witch legend - a game "three in a row" for the android platform, in which you need to swap the sparkling gems so that compose the series of 3 or more identical. Travel around colorful levels you'll be in the company of a cute witch. Exploding rows of jewels, you will receive a reward. To form long rows of stones of the same color need to apply logical thinking

Cookie Cats - cute and simple puzzle game for Android from the developer Tactile Entertainment platform, made in the genre of "three in a row." The game is quite simple and will appeal to both adults and children, because the main characters of the game - cats that enjoy a huge number of Internet users

Bulb Boy - addictive game for android platform, in which monsters made ​​their way into the house, the whole family was kidnapped little boy, including his grandfather with oddities and flying dog. Your task - to help the boy to rescue relatives. To do this, you need to spend it on all rooms of the house, who managed to capture the grisly monsters

Candy fever - game for android "three in a row" platform. In it you have to move the colored candy on the screen, forming a series of at least 3 identical candies. Rows of identical sweets disappear. You need to, using your logic skills and care of the same amount of sweets as much as possible long rows

Brain puzzle: Color land - a fun game for the Android platform, where you have to show imagination and logic to save funny spherical character of the black rain. To do this, you need to make a safe shelter using blocks of various shapes and interact with the characters, their rolling on the level