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Lucid Dream Adventure 3 - a game for the android platform, which is the final chapter of the mystical quest thriller about the adventures of the girl Lucy, in which you have to help the main character to deal with the mysterious death of her mother. In this story you will solve simple puzzles and puzzles

Lucid Dream Adventure 2 - a game for the android platform, made in the genre of thriller, in which you are waiting for cool adventures. The protagonist is the girl Lucy, who wants to free her mother from pain. The game tells a story, so there are no levels. A girl moves around the world, going to different locations containing quests and puzzles

Lucid dream adventure - a game for the android platform, in which you will find yourself in an amazing world of dreams, through which you will lead the main young heroine Lucy, where you will meet unusual characters, will solve fairly intricate puzzles and learn mystical secrets. Lucy lives alone with a sick mother

RollerCoaster Tycoon ® Story - a game for the android platform, created in the genre of puzzle, in addition, three in a row on rails. You have to restore the abandoned amusement park and make it a place attractive to consumers. Items can only be moved in one direction and only on rails.

BonVoyage! - A game for the android platform, which is a variation of the puzzle with drag and drop tiles. Brave knights must go through the level, for which you need to collect the road from tiles with road forks that can be moved, but not turned. For especially persistent players, the mode of passing levels for a while is supported

Duskwood - A criminal case and detective games for the android platform, which is a detective game, because you need to solve a criminal case. With the help of chatting, finding evidence and passing mini-games, you need to solve the girl’s mysterious disappearance and find out if she is alive and what happened to her. In accordance with the plot, the guy of the disappeared girl will write to you

Orphan Black: The Game is a game for the android platform, in which you must step by step go the given path, avoiding insidious entities - clones. The path along which you need to move is set by the line, and you can avoid enemies by resorting to various methods, such as, for example, walking along a parallel line, or trapping the enemy

Sky: Light awaits - the announcement of a game for the android platform, which invites you to take a trip to the beautiful world of picturesque islands and mysterious temples. You have to solve difficult logical puzzles and return the light to the dark world. The world around you is steeped in darkness or hiding in a thick shadow, and to disperse this darkness light candles

Sticklings Deluxe is a game for the android platform in which your task is to create the conditions so that the right number of people can reach the portal. The little people drop out of the box on the playing field, in which they contain a certain amount. The little people are drawn in the form of stickmen, and each of them has certain abilities.

Relic Adventure - Rescue Cut Rope Puzzle Game - game for the android platform, made in the style of solving puzzles with embedding complex and non-obvious combinations. You have to explore different ancient dungeons full of dangers, and solve puzzles, each of which is a game level and represents a location