Download for free logic On Android

Love Pins  is a game for the android platform, the purpose of which is to remove obstacles by taking out the corresponding pins. At one end of the playing field there is a guy who must reach the girl on the other end of the field. The playing field at each level is separated by obstacles and different game objects such as dangerous animals, deadly traps

Hidden Objects Enchanted Kingdom 2 (Free to Play)  is a game for the android platform, which is the next chapter in a series of quests about a magical kingdom, which takes place in a magical world reminiscent of the 17th century. To pass the traced locations, you need to find and correctly apply hidden objects

Slayaway Camp: Free 2 Slay - fighting without rules - a game for the android platform in which you act as a killer. A murder can be committed when the killer stops next to the victim. It is necessary to send to the next world everyone who is in a location into which levels are divided, in order to pass them

LASERBREAK 3 - Physics Puzzle  - a game for the android platform, as a solution to an exciting puzzle, it will require your ingenuity and patience. In the game, one or more laser installations are located in a location. You must direct their rays so that they can, refracting on reflective surfaces, get into a given place

The Academy  - a game for the android platform will take you to a mysterious school, where they study both magic and science. As part of the educational process, you will receive colorfully designed tasks and tests in various sciences, and outside it you will feel like a detective, solving ancient secrets. You will move freely in the 3D world

Krystopia: Novas Journey  is a game for the android platform, the plot of which is a mixture of mystical history and science fiction. where you and a heroine will have a fascinating journey through alien planets in quest locations that are made as a separate dynamic piece of the world in which you can move

Horror Show - Scary Online Survival Game  - an excellent horror on Android, in which you play as a maniac or a survivor. You find yourself in an abandoned camp with three other thrill seekers at night. Soon, you realize that you wandered right through the damned playground of a depraved psychopath. Time to survive in this horror

Krabat  - a game for the android platform, made in the genre of a classic animated quest, corresponds to the German fairy tale of the same name. According to the plot, the action takes place at a mill in rural Germany in the early 18th century. Mill turned into a school of black magic

My Era  is a game for the android platform, made in the genre of quest books in which you have to play the role of one of 5 girls - schoolgirls. You will need to make decisions and engage in dialogues. From the very beginning, only one girl will be available to you, the opportunity to play for the remaining girls will open after the completion of the plot about the first girl

King Rabbit  is a game for the android platform, which offers you to play the role of the king of rabbits. The gameplay takes place at location levels. According to the plot in each location, you need to save the rabbits, without hitting one of the many bombs hidden in the location, however, using the bombs that you can see, destroy the obstacles