Games and software on Android

Vive le Roi 3  is an original Android puzzle game without accidents and time, based on mini-puzzles that must be solved by choosing the correct stairs on each floor in order to get to the king and save him from his executioner. Inspired by the concept of mazes, the originality of the game lies in the fact

Doodle Dash  is a cool black and white platformer for Android with Stickman, in which you have to run, jump and dash across funny worlds drawn by hand, avoiding obstacles to catch your record! Each race looks different from the last one, with different environments and obstacles

Think  is an excellent puzzle game for Android for guessing images. The prototype for this exciting game was the Crocodile puzzle, in which a person depicts an object or a situation, and other players try to guess it. There are also many levels, on each of which schematic people depict something.

Jump Impact  is a game for the android platform, divided into levels, which are locations with platforms, decorated in dark colors. In each level, your hero tries to jump to the end points at the top of the location, and the hero is a funny monster of unknown origin. There will be various traps on your way

Breaking the 4th wall  is a game for the android platform in which each scene has a title, which usually indicates a task to be completed. The gameplay is a series of comics united by a single plot, where you have to control the participants in each scene. In each comic, you control the characters

Aeons End  is a game for the android platform in which you have to build your own tactics and battle strategy. You are offered a computer version of the popular board game. In the storyline, the world is covered with rifts. Through these rifts, unnamed, demonic-looking creatures come into the world, with which magicians fight

Clods Wallup  is a game for the android platform that resembles tags, where you have to mix hexagons of different colors so as to lay out the road for the characters to the portal in one color. The characters are round fluffy monsters. Like a board game board, the playing field is divided into hexagons of different colors

Nekos Sushi Bar  is a game for the android platform, in which you have to upgrade your sushi bar and improve its menu for the money you earn. You will be asked to manage a sushi bar with a conveyor bar and Japanese cats Neko as chefs and customers. To make money, you will need to prepare orders for incoming customers

Subscribe to My Adventure  is a fun android platform game that takes place on social networks and chats, where you can read most of the story. You will learn a fascinating story with funny characters who will need to be pumped during the game. The characters are pretty funny

Asian Cooking Star: New Restaurant Cooking Games  is a culinary game for the android platform, in which you have a full kitchen combined with a bar counter, where you will intensively cook Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian and Russian cuisine. The stand is needed so that clients of different nationalities approach it

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