Download for free military strategy On Android

Kiss of War  is a war game for Android in which you will play as a commander. Set in the late modern era, the game follows a group of glamorous women from different backgrounds as they fight alongside allies against invaders. Train powerful troops and recruit and lead beautiful female officers

War Strategy Game: RTS WW2  is an exciting game on Android in which you have to move through checkpoints and trenches and kill enemies. The base characteristics of the unit increase each time they gain combat experience. Points are awarded for each enemy killed, and you can get new skills and special abilities for them.

Warpath Huan Chuong Chien Hoa  is an addictive real time strategy war game for Android in which you have to follow your path of war, be a ruthless and cunning commander who does everything possible to win. Fight enemies, join global alliances

Grand War: Napoleon, Warpath Strategy Games is an Android platform game that focuses on battle tactics. The playing field is a map with squares of cities, as in Civilization. There is the extraction of resources and the production of warriors, whose units are designed in the form of soldiers moving around the map. The game has over 50 missions

Tom Clancys Elite Squad  is a game for the android platform in which aps are waiting for turn-based battles 5? 5. You can recruit a team of no more than 5 heroes. It must be borne in mind that each hero has his own abilities and owns some kind of weapon. According to the results of the battles, money will be dropped, on which you can hire another hero

Frontline: The Great Patriotic War is an Android platform game that will guide you through the iconic battles of World War II on the eastern front. The game can only be played on the side of the Soviet Union. Your task is to simply move the unit figures on the topographic map in a step-by-step mode. Based on the results of battles, units gain experience

Colonial conquest - the game for android platform, which will take you to the end of the XIX century and will allow to lead one of these strengths while countries like the United States, France, Japan, Britain, Germany and Russia. Your task is to create an economically powerful state with a strong army

Land air sea warfare - proved himself a talented military strategist and commander in this game for the android platform by making your own all-conquering army, which can defeat a powerful enemy in a war of high-tech future. To do this, you have to learn and explore new territories

Feudals II - a new game on the Android product for fans of strategy. This strategy - military. You will become a choice: science and modern technology or magic and magical rituals

Battle for the Galaxy - Good military strategy for the Android. Game from is not very hyped developer strategy genre - not as popular as the good games in this genre Clash of Clans or the Battle closed s having ar p ess ivnuyu advertising support, but u Dr. deserves an objective assessment