Action Games for Android

Deep Hunter  is an exciting game on Android in which you, in a group of brave sailors, will go out into the open sea to hunt deep-sea monsters. The game takes place in the 19th century with fishermen who have different skills and abilities

Endless Fears  is an exciting game on Android in which you, the main character Anthony Cleveland, finds himself in a world of shadows with terrible nightmares. You need to escape from monsters in dark levels. In the game you need to constantly hide and run away, since there is no way to defeat the monsters

No Place for Bravery  is an interesting game for Android. in which you are Thorn, an old warrior worn out by decades of energy and violence, wandering a ruined world in search of his lost daughter

SHE IS MAD: HORROR SURVIVAL  is an excellent game on Android in which you play as a devoted husband and father - James, who, together with his wife, turned to black magic to save the life of their daughter. But the consequences of their actions were much worse than they could have imagined.

Granny Horror Multiplayer  is an excellent multiplayer game on Android in which you will meet Granma, a very sweet lady in the past. All the residents of the town began to behave strangely, just like this “sweet” old lady. Your task is to escape from the house where Granma has locked you and other survivors.

Phantom Blade: Executioners  is an excellent game on Android in which you are the main character, and your beloved dies in battle, and you are ready to follow her into a ghostly otherworld full of dangers and surprises

GTA III - Definitive  is an excellent game on Android, from the Definitive Edition collection. Experience the epic open world adventure that started it all. The game has been updated for younger generations with all the improvements, including shiny new lighting and environmental improvements, high-resolution textures, increased draw distance

GTA: Vice City - Definitive  is an excellent game for Android, which is included in the Definitive Edition collection. Grand Theft Auto returns with Tommy Vercettis tale of betrayal and revenge in the neon-drenched tropical city of Vice City, full of excess and opportunity.

Gangster party: Gangland war  is an excellent GTA-type game for Android, in which you, starting your journey in the hierarchy of urban gangster gangs, will find yourself in a showdown between criminal gangs on the streets of the city of Gangland

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