Fruit Ninja Free

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Fruit Ninja Free - this is one of the most popular and exciting games for Android. You need to cut flying fruit samurai sword. Try not to hit the bombs, unnecessarily they take a single life.

You will be available arsenal of eight new blades, and you will find 7 new backgrounds, new and gain new fruit - pomegranate. Also added support for local multiplayer for some tablets and made a lot of small changes that improve the overall experience of the game.

Trolley GUTU and gain new game: You can use carambola to buy various new and unprecedented gains earlier super-fruit! You can purchase them from traveling merchants Gutu and his faithful companion pig truffles that are exactly make you the lowest price.
Reflection of bombs - now you can throw away pesky bombs off the screen with a new trick ninja and watch your account grow!
Strawberry Blast - now you can have fun with the new super-explosive fruit, not only accurately oblyapaytes!
Time peaches - with juicy peaches you get extra time in Arcade mode and Zen mode, which allows for many to increase their records.
In the new network of unique game modes, "Classic attack" and "Duel of Zen" two players can compete.
* Modes are supported only on 7-inch tablets and more. Only local network game. Available devices are automatically detected.
In a juicy new update Garnet Comet Classic and Arcade mode breaks bright pomegranate! You need to pay him as much as possible blows, before it will explode and destroy all the bombs and other fruits around!
You are waiting for new blades:
Razgonyatel clouds - to predict the weather for yourself!
Blade Sakura - let the petals fall to the wind.
Brush for calligraphy - pen is mightier than the sword!
Lightning - who said that lightning does not strike twice in one place?
Prismatic blade - a magical sword, glittering and sparkling with each stroke.
Water Blade - Empty your mind and become incorporeal and shapeless, like water.
Royal Dragon Blade - harness the power of the dragon and obrushte fiery death on the fruit that stand in your way!
Blade fireworks - make the game brighter with this sparkling blade!
Also waiting for new backgrounds Game: Cloudy sky, flowering cherry, parchment, Castle in a storm, Background Gutu and Truffle Background Royal Dragon Chinese Zodiac.


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