Real Steel World Robot Boxing

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Real Steel World Robot Boxing - Take part in competitions with their robot on Android. Bring the robot to success and victory. Absolutely not those punches, they have a much stronger and more powerful, epic fights and battles on your mobile device.

Stunning high-resolution graphics, where we can contemplate the Mighty Zeus is an improved form. Do not be afraid to challenge your chrome enemies here and Biovor and Holo Jack fans with favorites such as Atom, Noisy Boy, and still others. Very soon, when boxing gets to the tops of their people and robots here at the show to participate in an incredibly grand entertainment that will awaken the adrenaline in your blood. Dealing huge robot and go through the difficult path to victory with a mind-blowing beats!

Features Real Steel World Robot Boxing:

1. new competitors, 24 stunning cars for battle, fight me in the role of a touchdown, Holo Jack, Blockbuster, etc. Biovora

2. several modes of combat test: championship fight at the time, the daily show, free sparring

3. try to climb Olympus table, playing with his friends in a local multiplayer via Wi-Fi

4. Improve your soldier with stickers, improvements, the gains

5. incredible new special completion of movement

6. a brave fight in real time, giving the opportunity to experience both strategy and reflexes.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing was created based on the movie 2011 from Dreamworks studio with Hugh Jackman in the title role. The story can be seen at the incredible scene where boxing is a high-tech sport. Brave players will fight to collect and improve the excellent team of robots.

Good luck!


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