Download for free action RPG On Android

Shadow saga: Reborn is a platform game for android, where you will explore an unusual but dangerous world. You are waiting for battles with a strong opponent, in which the members of the team assembled by you from various heroes will take part, each of which has certain capabilities. Your task is to effectively apply the skills of each hero

Wraithborne - excellent, dynamic game for Android. Enjoy the game, which will give you a wonderful experience to save humanity. Feel like a true hero to save the world from evil reborn. On your way will be trolls, goblins and werewolves, all evil to fight with you.

Immortal Dusk you will, together with the main character of this beautiful game for the android to save the world from total destruction. You will besiege the hordes of monsters and you have to go through many battles with him!

ADVENA - this game has excellent graphics and good storyline. Someone desecrates a sacred tree in the middle of the territory of two people (men and wizards) and begins a long and bloody war, which has no end.