Puzzle games on Android

Cookie blast: Christmas - a game for the android platform, performed in the genre "three in a row", in which you need to move around the game field a variety of sweets so as to form a series of three or more identical pechenyushek, cakes, cupcakes, candy and other goodies. Completed tasks will help uncover the secret

Merry Christmas: Match 3 is a fun android platform game, performed in the "three in a row" genre, in which you and Santa Claus need to deliver Christmas presents. To do this, you need to sort the Christmas tree toys in such a way that the rows of three or more identical toys are obtained, showing observation and logical thinking

Cupcake mania: Christmas - an exciting game for the android platform in the genre of "three in a row", in which you need to make up a ranks of three or more identical cupcakes and other goodies to save Christmas sweets from the hungry bear Bruno. You need to change sweets in places in such a way that the rows of identical

100 doors: Christmas gifts - a game for the android platform, in which you have to solve logic problems and look for items, in order to help Santa Claus to distribute Christmas gifts to all rooms of the big house. The gameplay on is impregnated with the spirit of winter holidays. Solving the puzzle, you can open the door

Bubble Shooter Christmas HD - great festive game on Android, shooting on balls in HD graphics using Christmas background and music design. In the game you need to combine balls of the same color to 3 or more, so that they disappear. Balls that hang from above without support, too, must be destroyed

Puzzle knights - a game for the android platform, in which you go in search of a way home under the wrong light of the Moon in night locations. To do this, you have to sort the colored tiles in such a way as to make up rows of 3 or more identical tiles. You must be ready for various battles - with predatory wild animals, with monsters and other enemies

Goods train fever - a game for the android platform, which will require you a non-standard logical thinking for performing exciting tasks. You need to load multi-colored containers on the railway platforms and have time to do this before the train goes. So, at the railway station of each level

Where shadows slumber is a platform game for android that will take you to amazing worlds where you will lead a wanderer looking for redemption. The play of light and shadow alters the outlines of objects and landscapes, opening or closing the path to the goal, and since the locations are immersed in darkness and chaos, then the objects can vary

Christmas mahjong solitaire: Holiday fun is a fun android platform game that invites you to travel through winter snow-covered locations, where puzzle games of mahjong and various gifts are waiting for you. To solve puzzles, you need attention and logic. Your task is to find pairs of identical tiles

Puzzle blocks is a platform game for android in which you can check and develop your logical abilities and spatial imagination, because for a limited number of steps you need to move all the colorful cubes along the square game field to the points marked with stars. You need to think through your actions

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