Puzzle games on Android

Merge Villa  is a game for the android platform, in which the plot story is revealed in dialogues. The main character, the girl Alice, who decided to make repairs in the house of her grandparents. Each part of the house has its own secrets, and you can discover them all. To get a new thing, you need to combine several old

Jewel Phantom  is an excellent puzzle game for Android in which you need to move a pebble to collect a row of three identical ones. Immerse yourself in a wonderful world that you can leave with the Special Fairy in a mysterious deep forest

Draw Story  is a game for the android platform, the gameplay of which is something similar to an interactive story, in which you will be required to draw the items necessary for the hero. The task is considered completed if the system recognizes the drawing as what it needs

Om Nom Idle Candy Factory  is a game for the android platform in which you will control a funny monster named Om Nom. The monster always has candies that are poured into his mouth from a can, to which two conveyors of a candy factory are connected. Conveyors can be continuously improved. You will receive a reward for a certain number of candies eaten

Trash Factory  is a game for the android platform in which you will control a conveyor belt that receives various types of garbage. The gameplay is extremely simple, your task is to send each item to the worker responsible for the corresponding type of garbage. The characters of the workers are quite funny - red raccoons in work caps

Vive le Roi 3  is an original Android puzzle game without accidents and time, based on mini-puzzles that must be solved by choosing the correct stairs on each floor in order to get to the king and save him from his executioner. Inspired by the concept of mazes, the originality of the game lies in the fact

Think  is an excellent puzzle game for Android for guessing images. The prototype for this exciting game was the Crocodile puzzle, in which a person depicts an object or a situation, and other players try to guess it. There are also many levels, on each of which schematic people depict something.

Clods Wallup  is a game for the android platform that resembles tags, where you have to mix hexagons of different colors so as to lay out the road for the characters to the portal in one color. The characters are round fluffy monsters. Like a board game board, the playing field is divided into hexagons of different colors

Lockdown Minds ™ is a free online logic game for Android in which you can play all the different moments of your life and play the best online games

Untangle  is a game for the android platform that invites you to untangle a knot in a plank with several laces tied. The other ends of the laces are inserted into 5 grooves. Your task is for player x to untangle the twisted cords, while only one cord can be detached from the groove. How in real life there is a risk of tying an even more complex knot

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