Puzzle games on Android

Plant with Care  is a game for the Android platform, which is positioned as a culinary puzzle in which you have to grow different ingredients for a delicious lunch in your garden. Each level is a grid of beds on which you need to plant different crops in a certain sequence. The game consists of 72 levels and a choice of three difficulty levels

Homo Machina  is a game for the Android platform, which is positioned as a story-driven puzzle that combines an unusual visual style and the creation of complex mechanisms. Your task is to help the body function properly during the day, while performing certain functions.

Tile Match: Fun Triple Connect  is a game for the android platform, which is positioned as "three in a row". At your disposal is a field consisting of tiles with different pictures. Your task is to clear the field by collecting three identical tiles, and new ones open in their place. If there are only two identical tiles, they can be placed in a stack of eight cells

Little Memory: Game Adventure  is a game for the android platform in which you will travel through different dungeons with your mouse. In order to complete the levels, you have to find ways to open locks and make safe traps, for which you need to use switch systems or game objects

Dungeons of Dreadrock  is a game for the Android platform in which you, along with a dwarf, will go through a campaign in an ancient undermountain kingdom. The goal of your dwarf in the story is to win the battle with the Yorkies, the undead and other fabulous monsters. The gameplay is a classic old-school rpg with puzzle elements

Home Organizer Life  is a cool puzzle game for Android that will both relax your brain and make you think. Train your brain with this interesting game, organize your pantry beautifully

Huggy Wuggy  is the second chapter of the most popular Android game in which you have to survive in this creepy world of adventure, horror and puzzles. Play and try to survive and win the game in the company of vengeful toys that are waiting for you in an abandoned factory. Discover two amazing reception kits

WUCK GAME  is a great puzzle game for Android, which is an endless procedural game with tiles, the goal of which is to get to all available tiles. Move the tile to the very end! In this endless scroller, try your best to escape from the oncoming lava by filling the tiles of the current window and avoiding the corner

Krispee Street  is a game for the Android platform, which is positioned as a hidden object puzzle. The playing field is a big picture that doesnt even fit on the screen. Several items are shown at the bottom of the screen and your task is to find them. The gameplay offers 7 picture levels

Doors: Paradox  is a game for the android platform in which you have to find the key and open the door, for which you will have to be smart, solve puzzles and figure out how the mechanism works. The gameplay is divided into levels, each of which represents a miniature mechanism with a door, floating in space

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