Puzzle games on Android

Fancy cakes is a fun game for android platform, in which you will become a confectioner who will travel to beautiful cities and create his own confectionery masterpieces in cozy cafes. To create amazing and delicious cakes or pastries you should move around the playing field and combine layers

Anekhan: The mummy is a platform game for android that will take you to the dangerous labyrinths of the ancient Egyptian temple, which are filled with hundreds of sophisticated traps. You will face a deadly battle with the mummy of the fierce Pharaoh, who rose from the dead. To win you will need logical thinking to avoid such dangers

Big quest: Bequest is an exciting platform game for android, in which you will come across both magic and the conspiracy of the government, and with the treachery of the invaders, and with the betrayal of friends. And all because once Rich, the main character of the game, stopped receiving income from his farm, which he inherited

Catomic is a fun platform game for android, whose characters want to conquer Mars, flying into space. You need to compile a series of at least three identical figures - cats, owls, and others, for example, raccoons and mice, which you can open by completing the task and getting points. To successfully overcome the long path

Blyss - game for android platform, created by developers ZPLAY games studios in the genre combined the principle of games "three in a row." Game from the start will make your gray matter moving, because you run into difficulties. The essence of the game is that you need to devote either horizontally or vertically tiles to remove them.

Angry birds: Dice - the game for android platform, in which you fight with the pigs on the side of the birds. You can assemble a collection of well-known characters. To do this you need to successfully throw the dice, or dice, and in accordance with the resulting combination to move the characters on the playing field

Family guy another freakin 'mobile game - a game for android platform, in which you are waiting for an incredible adventure and unexpected events. You will go on a fascinating journey through the Quahog on the truck, filled with alcohol, you need to sort, changing their positions and accounting for the series for at least 3 of the same drinks

A Fairy Tale of Lotus - game for android platform, the developer IndieLeague studio in the genre of puzzle fun, and beautifully decorated. Your task - to collect flowers, solving each level a new logical problem

Blackies - an exciting game for the android platform, made in the genre of puzzle designers Celtic Spear studio. It should be noted that their game about the match attracted around 50 million fans. The game takes place in a limited area and are somewhat similar to the game of checkers, can be two basic rules, the first of which reads

Cube tapper - an exciting game for the android platform, in which you can test your logical abilities of observation and reflexes, showing that you have to clear the board of colored blocks. At the bottom of the playing field from time to time there are new series of colored blocks

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