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LIMBO - summer 2010 LIMBO game first appeared on the console X-box 360. It took more than four years, so we respected developers of the Android platform with their attention and created a version for her. It should be noted that the game LIMBO was the winner in a large number of nominations and has received many positive reviews from reputable gaming publications

Let's discuss the game LIMBO, reveal its strengths and weaknesses. Immediately I must say that this game is - a work of art and computer gaming skills, although the picture does not look so, so do not judge it by the screenshots or videos.

The main features of the game LIMBO:

· In the game using a simple 2D graphics

· Supports the ability to interact with others ointment

· Any change in the outside world has some meaning

· Game has impeccable style

· In the dark and gloomy game emphasis on the details that will delight you, if note

· Gameplay is constructed in accordance with an interesting plot, which has a completely open completion

· Every decision you make affects the isolation storyline

· Selected and the corresponding plot of the musical accompaniment of ambient

The plot of the game requires special attention. I must say that it is very thought out and is based on religious themes. When a person dies, his soul, according to the Catholic Church, is located in a certain world between heaven and hell called Limbo. Soul is in this position until until Gd determines it to the last. The game has a strong emphasis on detail, because it is thoroughly permeated with symbolism as a symbol expresses incomprehensible essence of objects and phenomena. If you are ready to go into detail, the game will take you to a vast world of experience, full of interesting displays. If you are not prone to reflections and to find the usual arcade game in which you can mindlessly run, the game LIMBO is also suitable, but in this case you can open the game by only 20%.

The game has one drawback - it is paid, it costs $ 5. Unfortunately, there is no demos, playing in that, you can decide whether to play its money. And all because the developers hundred confident in your product, you can also appreciate this masterpiece, just by paying the required amount.

Summary: A game in which you play, if you enter the number of consumers of gaming products. If you want to understand the deeper meaning of the game LIMBO and immerse yourself in its unusual world, do it, and you will realize that it has no equal. If you want to play, about anything without thinking, you also can not go wrong by getting a good puzzle arcade game.


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