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Darling Pet: Choose your love  is a game for the Android platform, which is positioned as an interactive quest book with a dating simulator and the possibility of developing various love relationships with four guys. In addition, according to the plot of the game, there is a story about the adventures of animal rights activists and their animals. The game is from the perspective of a girl.

Winked: Episodes of Romance  is a romance game for Android, the gameplay of which is a dating site simulator. The girl is the heroine of the game, on whose behalf the game is going on, meets the guys, communicates with them and brings the conversation to an invitation to a date. If such an invitation is received, the game is considered over.

Chase Love in Japan  is an Android game in which a foreign student visiting Japan finds herself at the center of a gem-stealing detective story. The girl is waiting for meetings with three different men and, according to the scenario of this genre, she starts a relationship with them. Gameplay is an interactive quest book

LOVE STICKERS FOR WHATSAPP APP  is a great app for Android which is a collection of animated stickers, emojis and emoticons. Express your love not only on Valentines Day, but on any day. This application offers you a variety of love stickers for your significant other.

 - featuring an Android game in which you are completely shocked that your mother is getting married again. What happens when the three sons of the Osaka family lose their heads because of you? Can you play the role of an older sister or will love carry you away?

Love Story Games: Royal Affair  is an android platform game that will take you back to the times of medieval kingdoms, and you will immerse yourself in an interactive book quest, imbued with the atmosphere of a romance novel amid palace intrigues. This story has several options, so when choosing answers in dialogues, think about how this will affect the plot.

Is It Love? James - Secrets  is a game for the android platform that tells in detail about the heroines dates with different men. The heroine is a girl who is familiar with the owner of the palace, in which the storyline is tied at a masquerade. A girl can choose a man for herself right at the masquerade, developing a love relationship and discovering his story

Love Roses Stickers For WhatsApp - Kiss GIF - a great collection of free love stickers for Android. This series of beautiful love stickers for chatting on WhatsApp, thanks to this it will look romantic and colorful. So you can send cute and romantic love stickers directly to WhatsApp

Valentines Day Livewallpaper - very beautiful live for Valentine's Day on Android. Beautify your mobile device’s screen with beautiful romantic wallpapers.

Cute lovers - very cute and romantic live wallpapers for Android with a couple in love, in the form of funny pictures. Give yourself and your loved ones a great mood and positive emotions, decorating the working screen of your mobile device with these cool wallpapers