Download for free casual On Android

Loop  is an excellent contemplative puzzle game for Android, in which you and your companion go on an exciting journey through an unearthly and mysterious temple of ancient civilizations, which contains many mysteries and secrets. You will solve many different puzzles during your adventure

Shining Ace  is a great Android game that puts you into adventure at your fingertips as you jump across a variety of colorful environments. Speed ​​up, speed up again, quickly jump into the world. Challenge yourself or your friends

Soupsoup  is a cool game on Android in which you find yourself in an interactive illustrated magazine Soupsoup with a variety of themes from pixel scenes from famous games and films to fantasy and anime sketches. In order to pass the level you need to find the objects that are located at the bottom of the screen in the detailed illustration

CAT MEOW TENNIS: SPORT BATTLE GAME  is a great Android game in which you have to play a beautiful sports game with funny kittens, dogs, characters and entertainment. Your goal in the game is to climb up the rankings and become the undisputed champion by serving, swiping and meowing to get the best score from easy to hard mode

Layas Horizon  is a game for the Android platform in which the main character is a representative of the Windflok people, who have long mastered the technology of flight. With the help of a magical cape, he will soar through the locations, avoiding collisions with obstacles and traps. Sometimes you need to fly close to objects and collect energy to charge the power of the cloak

Car Crash Compilation Game  is a great Android game. This is a car racing simulator game, stunts. The game consists of single-seat racing cars with an open cockpit and open wheels, solid front and rear fenders and an engine located behind the driver, designed for use in competitions at maximum speed

Boba DIY: Tasty Bubble Tea  is a fun drinking simulation game where you can make and mix bubble tea according to your recipe on your phone. You may hear the sounds of flowing or bubbling water while drinking.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster  is a cool action game for Android in which you play as a nameless kid who was kidnapped during a school trip to an amusement park called Spooky park. Since your kidnapping, you must survive five nights in a strange location where there is no life except for you and the Rainbow Monster

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE  is a great Android game that is a fun sci-fi RPG shooter where you recruit and control different girls to form a beautiful squad of anime girls

Outrunner: Forgotten King  is a game for the android platform in which there are 18 levels in 4 thematic zones. You, as the main character, are an adventurous traveler who hunts for rare treasures in ancient dungeons around the world. To overcome enemies and traps, he will have to perform complex acrobatic stunts while searching