Download for free casual On Android

PLATFORMS - Endless Arcade is a fairly modest game for the android platform from the developers of the Shori Games Limited studio, declared by the developer as a casual arcade, although it's very easy to play, but without any hurry. The developer studio is known for such 3D project as Knights Fight: Medieval Arena about knights

Dobu: Furry Fighters - a game for the android platform from the developers of the studio Mojo Forest in the genre of the clicker, in which there is something from Tetris. In the game, you face a serious task - the defense of the state. According to the plot of the game for the state, which you have to defend, from the sky attacked monsters, similar to the casting

Oil hunt 2: Birthday party is a platform game for android that invites you to a fun journey through beautiful locations. The meaning of the game is that Red, the main character, decided to arrange a party for his friends in honor of the holiday and treat friends to oil, which they all very much love

Blasty Bubs - a platform game for android, created by developers of the studio QuickByte Games in the genre of casual arcade. It should be noted that the game projects of this developer is not very popular yet, but, perhaps, this game will win the favor of users. Your task - to clean the playing field from the squares with funny faces

Daydream blue - an interesting game for the Android platform in which you are waiting for exciting adventures and simply relax on the shores of a quiet lake where you can fish and take solving a fascinating puzzles. You will be in the game man - robot. It will help you build a tourist camp. To fish you can and in the middle of the lake, having gone there on an inflatable boat

My Cafe: Recipes Stories - game for android platform, in which you have to improve the interior of the cafe, to buy items to help in the preparation of food, and to achieve a competitive advantage to your cafe has become the most popular in the city. Differentiating feature of the game is very interesting and unusually lively cafes Visitors

Crazy Santa - game for android platform from developer TabTale, specializing in gaming products for children, and Mad Santa was no exception. The storyline is related to the feast of the Nativity, which is clear from the title game. Your task in accordance with the plot to find the stolen Christmas and thus bring happiness to people's homes

Clockwork dream - a game for the Android platform, which will open to you the mysterious world of mechanical boxes. The main character of the game - a beautiful ballerina crown that you will spend in this world caskets. In this journey through different levels filled with gears, pendulums, springs and other mechanisms