Widgets for the Android

Warface the Widget - application for the Android platform, the widget on the desktop, which displays a variety of information from the official site Warface - that ratings for the players, and a list of videos, and RSS news feed. The application can also display and full news

Sense v2 flip clock and weather - bright widget for the Android platform, which enables you to customize the beautiful animated clock, which in addition to time provide information about the weather where you can customize the visual style, themes, icons, weather, and sizes

Weatherzone plus - an application for the Android platform that allows you to monitor the weather changes in the coming days and give the weather forecast. You can obtain information about the direction of the wind, the movement of the cyclone, changes in pressure, backed by satellite images from space

Christmas battery widget - a simple widget for the Android platform. Very soon we all find ourselves in the magical atmosphere of Christmas and New Year, all the favorite holidays. This widget will not only Christmas decoration of your work, but also provide you with information about the temperature of the battery

Countdown Anniversary - an application for the Android platform, which is a countdown before the scheduled date. This date is displayed in the widget. To set up, such as your birthday, you need to enter the proper date, ie, day, month and year, the year is needed for the application to determine how much did you celebrate birthday

Happy birthday - how often we forget the important dates in the lives of our friends and loved ones. That was no more than that and you will not feel uncomfortable, there is this wonderful widget to the screen of your mobile device, which displays information about the birthdays of contacts and reminders about other events in the next few days

Customizable Countdown Widget - a great widget for Android, with which you can set any image from your mobile device and make it the background of the widget, and set countdown

GO Weather EX - application for the Android platform, containing weather forecast and widgets that will become your indispensable informant. You are going to get out of the house and do not know whether to take an umbrella, the application GO Weather EX tell you, you just want to know the weather forecast for the next few hours or days

Free Beer Battery Widget - funny battery widget on Android, is designed as a glass of beer, filled to the brim, and the amount of beer decreases as the battery is depleted. Looks cool and does not slow down the system.

Transparent Clock Weather - very beautiful clock widget weather in three sizes on Android. With a variety of settings you can customize the widget as you like.

In this section you can download widgets for android. Any Android software may be included in several sections. In the widget, as throughout the site, you can all Android software for free.