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EWeather HD - a great application that provides information about the changes of the environment. Widgets and program indicators show the weather outside, and the weather forecast for 10 days, barometric pressure and rainfall, the lunar and solar calendars, the light of sharp changes in pressure and geomagnetic conditions, the strength and direction of the wind, sunrise and sunset times and moon phase moon, and even earthquakes.

Application features EWeather HD:
- 2 sources of weather forecasting from the world-famous European (Foreca) and American supplier of weather;
- 10-day weather forecast;
- Barometer with display sudden changes in pressure causes headache.
- Hourly forecast for 24 hours in the form of an analog clock.
- 17 original widgets, weather, time, earthquakes, moon phases, etc.
- 10 indicators in the status line: temperature, precipitation, barometer, wind and so on ..
- World clock - the local time for any city;
- 130 000 cities around the world;
- The amount and probability of precipitation;
- Current weather outside;
- Earthquakes up 4.5 points on the widget and the program;
- Phases of the moon, sunrise and sunset, the moon,
- The time of sunrise and sunset;
- Geomagnetic conditions;
- Small amount of consumed traffic (8 kilobytes of one city after another update);
- Automatic tracking of the current city.
Several options show an analog clock widget with hourly weather forecast 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 3x4, 4x3. Also there is a 1x1 widget with time, barometer and current conditions and widgets sizes 1x1, 2x2 with temperature, rainfall and wind for today, tomorrow and the day after. The widget can be displayed to ask the city, opacity, color, and a lot of different options.
- Barometer shows the change of pressure in the last 24 hours. The sudden change in pressure program allocates the pressure chart in red. This helps to better understand the cause of the illness (not just their own) in cases where it is associated with a pressure drop.

The new annex EWeather HD:
- Wind map;
- The hourly schedule for 24 hours;
- The level of ultraviolet radiation in the notification;
- The button to call the alarm;
- Automatic backup and restore;
- Display current location on the map;
- Moon day on the widget;
- New fonts and colors in the notification;
- Beaufort scale for wind;
- New interface settings;
- Auto time zone adjustment;

Version: 4.3.3
Platform: Android OS 1.6 +

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