Download for free horror On Android

Mrityu: The terrifying maze is a platform game for android that takes you to a dark dungeon with mysterious halls and corridors, populated by terrible ghosts that guard the treasure and kill all life. The characters of the game are three friends, they wanted to find treasure in this old cursed dungeon

Cracked Mind: 3D Horror Game - a game for the android platform, performed by developers of the ARPAplus studio in the quest genre and telling a really terrible story, the events of which unfold in a gloomy, frightening atmosphere. Developers create games of very different directions

HP Lovecraft: Pickman's Model - a platform game for android, created by developers of the New Focus Games studio for Howard Lovecraft's "Model Pickman" about an unusual artist. Since you can not really influence the events that unfold on the plot, the game is difficult to call a game

Layers of fear: Solitude - an unusual game for the Android platform, where you have to do research. You will learn step by step the old mansion mad artist in order to find the cause of his madness. You will go into the different rooms of the house, opening closed doors and find fragments of stories and tips, from which you will be able to lay down a picture of what happened. You can not go back

Slendrina: The cellar 2 - a game for android platform, where the terrible Slendrina, her mother and the child will wait for you in the dark corridors and rooms of creepy basement. Your task - to get out, finding eight ancient books, hidden in different rooms, and the keys to open locked doors

Nightmare escape - game for android platform, in which you will uncover the secrets of an abandoned house and find out the details took place many years before the event. Many years ago, one boy presented with a clown doll, which forced him to commit heinous acts. Frightening clown doll named Petko still lives

The final take - game for android platform, which will immerse you in an awesome atmosphere of an old abandoned hospital that carries a lot of horror stories of different characters. Your task - to spend a Woman through the gloomy rooms of this sinister building and find out what events are taking place at different times and in different places

The fear: Creepy scream house - game for android platform, which is based on the following story laid. The first wife of the main character by the name of Mike committed suicide in a mental hospital. And now, wishing him for something to avenge, it pursues Mike and sleeping and waking. Your task - to help the main character to get rid

Bulb Boy - addictive game for android platform, in which monsters made ​​their way into the house, the whole family was kidnapped little boy, including his grandfather with oddities and flying dog. Your task - to help the boy to rescue relatives. To do this, you need to spend it on all rooms of the house, who managed to capture the grisly monsters

Escape from the Slender man - a game for android platform, in which you find yourself trapped in the attic of the old located in the dense forest of the house where you will pursue a fearsome Slender Man. Your task is to find the path to salvation