Hunter's Moon

Game Action werewolves


Hunter's Moon - a game for the Android platform, the developer studio Seb platforming genre with elements of action. For the developer it is a first draft and immediately paid. In the game you become a werewolf hunter who hunts only at night, in fact, the full moon, and every night this may be the last in the life of a hunter. Actions in the game take place under a beautiful moon pixel.

The main properties of Hunter's Moon game:

- Beautiful pixel moon

- Very easy control

- Counting the number of dead werewolves

- Counting the number of collected coins

Negative properties Hunter's Moon game:

- The game is paid, it costs $ 1.5

- Lack of demo

- Simple, devoid of variety of gameplay

The essence of the game is as follows. You have to run, overcoming obstacles on the roofs of houses and not to fall, gathering with the maximum number of coins. Once you have overcome all obstacles, you will find a pretty boring fight with a werewolf, who somehow limp and even some one-track. It should be noted that the run on the location is much more difficult than to win a werewolf. To fight with a werewolf you weapon, like a sword. When you click on the sword, hunter attack on the shield - protected. No magic, no exceptional abilities and skills, there are no methods of combat, except for the two proposed. After werewolf slain, a little will change location, and you start all over again, so the circle. Characters and locations are silhouettes.

Summary: Of course, there are people who might like a game, and they will be willing to pay the requested money for it. Around 50 people have already downloaded it.


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