Download for free platformer On Android

Ninja Relo - shuriken autofire  - a great fun 2D platform shooter game for Android about ninja! You are welcomed by the mysterious world of ninja, where you need to gain infinite power in order to fight the evil ninja, who launched the forbidden ninjutsu and opened the gates of hell, while demons came out from there, and the world itself turned into a continuous hell

Castle Pals  is a game for the android platform, which offers to destroy the enemy while traveling around the castle. Your character who travels around the castle is a boy. You are offered about 40 levels-locations with enemies and traps, some of which you need to pass only horizontally, in others - jump up

Unruly Heroes  is a game for the android platform, an arcade platformer in which you can choose one of several heroes - creatures that resemble both humans and animals. Each hero has their own specific abilities and their own style of play

Doodle Dash  is a cool black and white platformer for Android with Stickman, in which you have to run, jump and dash across funny worlds drawn by hand, avoiding obstacles to catch your record! Each race looks different from the last one, with different environments and obstacles

Jump Impact  is a game for the android platform, divided into levels, which are locations with platforms, decorated in dark colors. In each level, your hero tries to jump to the end points at the top of the location, and the hero is a funny monster of unknown origin. There will be various traps on your way

Grimvalor  is a platform game for android that invites you to challenge the forces of darkness, going in search of the disappeared king and discovering the secrets of the fallen kingdom of Valaris. You need to guide a lone warrior through dark dungeons and other dangerous locations full of bloodthirsty monsters and deadly traps

Flashback Mobile  is a game for the android platform, which is a combination of a shooter and a platform game, as well as a mobile adaptation of an adventure from 93, which uses modern graphic filters, updated sounds and music, a choice of difficulty level has been made and a rewind function has been added, which allows you to replay dangerous ones without downloading moments

Hellrule  is a game for the android platform in which you have to use a sword to clear the levels from the creatures coming out of hell. Demonic creatures are armed in more varied ways - from teeth to laser beams. All characters look like statuettes cast from metal. There are many mobs in the game, they are quite diverse

Nubs Adventure  is a game for the android platform, the essence of which is that you have to collect diamonds and gradually rebuild your destroyed house. The game has four different worlds that you have to explore, and in the pixel locations there are many traps and a variety of monsters that can be destroyed with a boomerang

Flashback Mobile  is a game for the android platform, made as a mixture of a shooter and a platform game. In accordance with the storyline, the main character wakes up on an unknown planet after the crash of a spacecraft. He has a memory loss because he does not remember who he is and why he is here. Therefore, he will in every way be protected from the dangers of the world.