Download for free mini-games On Android

Doors: Origins  is a platform game for android that offers you to solve many mechanical steampunk puzzles, but not simple ones, but adding magic. The gameplay is divided into levels, some of which are free, and the second part must be purchased. To pass the level, you need to find the key in the car and open the door for it

Hidden Objects Enchanted Kingdom 2 (Free to Play)  is a game for the android platform, which is the next chapter in a series of quests about a magical kingdom, which takes place in a magical world reminiscent of the 17th century. To pass the traced locations, you need to find and correctly apply hidden objects

The Academy  - a game for the android platform will take you to a mysterious school, where they study both magic and science. As part of the educational process, you will receive colorfully designed tasks and tests in various sciences, and outside it you will feel like a detective, solving ancient secrets. You will move freely in the 3D world