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Super mushrooms is an android platform game in which dangerous bacteria are trying to get into the house, and you shouldn’t let them do it, so you need to place various mushrooms of different properties and skills in the path of bacteria using a pinball mechanism. The pipes should be protected, because it is bacteria that aspire to them.

iCocktail Drinks -! newest simulator app for android platform, available for download, you can prepare any cocktail to drink (but do not get drunk!) with friends. Drink you can at any time and anywhere - on the bus and at work, at a party, and in the store - but just anywhere

My Talking Dog - Virtual Pet - govorilka on Android. For some reasons, not everyone can afford to have a dog, and get your favorite puppy speaking on the phone - the power of each. It will be a funny voice repeat for you, and it will have a lot of fun. But your puppy will require you to attention and care

AnekdotOFF - great fun app on Android with a large selection of different jokes. Download, read, laugh to abdominal cramps :)

Talking Buba - Funny Christmas govorilka on Android. They say it's good when you have a home is put Brownie. To guard your home, you need to leave it on the night table sweets and biscuits, and in gratitude for your kindness, will take care of your home

My speaking Angela - new govorilka on Android. Angela has to be a star! Your task is to educate, clothe, feed Angela, to design her home. Do Angela her best friend, and have fun together - play games, collect stickers and share with friends

Overheard official - Meet the awesome official app community "Overheard", which will give you a world of incredible secrets and intrigue. This world is not like anything, here are talking about you.

Amediateka - A terrific app for Android, which is one of the largest online service only the best TV shows and movies of the planet. Meet and greet Enjoy, held in ase time with pleasure. Your attention is represented by more than 80 serials 200 films

Max Remote - Meet a terrific app for Android, which will give you even more comfort and convenience. Only your mobile can become a universal remote to WiFi computer. In here s meet management

Scary stories of life in 2014 - Incredible app for A ndroid with incredible gloomy -Black humor. Here you 'll find stories and stories that will make running goose Your skin. Who does not remembers the horror stories around a campfire or at bedtime?