Go 11: Fantastic football

Game Sports football


Go 11: Fantastic football is a platform game for android in which you will take part in a football match, leading a football player who has taken possession of the ball to the opponent's goal and not allowing opponents to take away the ball from him. The football field on which the player runs is very long, so do not disappoint the fans in the stands of the stadium, because it is up to you to win the team. You need to click on the screen at the right time, so that the player has performed a cunning maneuver or trick. You will receive a reward if you bring the player to the opponent's goal. You have the opportunity to open new football clubs, to get players a form and other equipment.

The main properties of the game Go 11: Fantastic football:

  • the opportunity to choose a football club
  • quality design in excellent graphics
  • great soundtrack
  • simple and convenient one-touch control
  • very wide bonus and prize system


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Application Type: Free of charge
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