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Slayaway Camp - a game for the android platform from the developers of the studio Blue Wizard Digital LP, which is made in the genre of the puzzle, with a puzzle about the maniac whose role you will perform. The puzzle is based on the popular genre in Asia - sokoban. This is the first project of the developer, and paid for and without a trial version.

"We are asking the weak-hearted to retire!" Is the main slogan of the game process. You are waited by the famous maniacs from films, as well as various methods of murder and other features that are difficult to meet in modern games. Events go deep into the 80's, when horror films were very popular. Puddles of blood and other horrors developers have tried to revive in this game project. The graphics in which the game is made are somewhat similar to the graphics of Minecraft.

The main properties of the game Slayaway Camp:

  • The gameplay has almost one and a half hundred levels
  • More than 10 videocassettes with horrors
  • A huge number of traps
  • A large selection of killers from cult films
  • Many opportunities to commit a brutal murder
  • Creating an impression musical accompaniment

Negative features of the game Slayaway Camp:

  • Very cruel
  • Paid - the cost of 3 dollars
  • No trial version available

Summary : the fact that the game is paid, is rather its advantage, and not a drawback, that everything does not shake, especially those who are not psychologically ready for such projects.

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