Games and software on Android

Roll  is an unusual puzzle game for Android in which you need to get as many points as possible for a limited number of rolls of several dice. You can combine the dice with each other when the dice stop. The dice may have various patterns or designs on them other than the standard dots

Aqua Romance: Mermaid Otome  is an excellent Android game in which the main character returns to the city of his childhood. A romantic game about a mermaid with whom the main character is in love. You will find yourself in an underwater world where you will learn the secrets of a fantasy world and start romantic relationships with its inhabitants

Sniper Siege: Defend Destroy  is an excellent game on Android in which you will find yourself in exciting stealth missions in the urban jungle and treacherous mountain ranges, adapting your strategy to accurately destroy targets. Embark on an unforgettable sniper adventure, fighting off enemies with a sniper rifle

Five Dates is an interesting Android app where Vinny, a millennial from London, joins a dating app for the first time while living in lockdown. The game explores the unpredictable modern dating experience, following the average single man as he navigates the world of digital dating.

Soupsoup  is a cool game on Android in which you find yourself in an interactive illustrated magazine Soupsoup with a variety of themes from pixel scenes from famous games and films to fantasy and anime sketches. In order to pass the level you need to find the objects that are located at the bottom of the screen in the detailed illustration

Save the Doge  is a cool puzzle game for Android in which you need to save a dog from bees flying out of a hive. These bees are dangerous! Dog is in danger! Protect the dog from bad bees, for this you need to draw lines to change the insects flight path and prevent them from biting the dog

Heli Attack  is a great Android game in which you play as an armed helicopter pilot and provide fire support to ground troops! Attack relentlessly and dominate the battlefield, carry out combat missions around the world with the help of advanced attack helicopters and prototypes of cutting-edge weapons

Phantom Blade: Executioners  is an excellent game on Android in which you are the main character, and your beloved dies in battle, and you are ready to follow her into a ghostly otherworld full of dangers and surprises

Hitman: Blood Money - Reprisal  is an excellent paid premium game on Android, in which you are Agent 47 - a trained killer who has come under the gun of the rival agency "Franchise". Embark on a mission to destroy the deadly architects of a dark conspiracy and use all the tools at your disposal

SCP Bloodwater  is an excellent management defense strategy game for Android, inspired by SCP-354 (Red Pool) created by the SCP Foundation. Your role is the newly appointed director of the Red Pond Containment Site, also known as Containment Site 354. Your mission is threefold: attack and defend, collect resources, explore and progress

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