Download for free animals On Android

Puppy LWP - wonderful live wallpapers on Android with funny little puppies. Enjoy positive emotions with these lovely wallpaper, place them on the screen of your mobile device and funny puppies will delight you every day

Kittens Live Wallpaper - Incredibly cute live wallpaper on Android with little kittens. You want a kitten, but for various reasons you can not bring it, install these wonderful wallpapers on your mobile device's screen and you will have your own personal pet that will delight you every day

Blicky: Pets - funny live wallpapers on Android with funny pets. Install the wallpaper on the screen of your mobile device and these cuties will monitor every action you take on the screen, with your eyes and the movement of the device.

Christmas with dog world is a platform game for android, in which children can have a fun Christmas vacation with a cute Dalmatian puppy, finding more and more new activities for him, for which it is necessary to explore the yard and rooms of the house. Features and functions in this game are as follows: walking with a puppy in the yard, in the garden, in the kitchen, bathroom

Wolf 3D LWP - super fantastic live wallpaper on Android, for fans of incredible animals - wolves. Make your mobile device unique with these beautiful, strong, smart, proud animals - wild wolves who, in the light of the night, are ready to rush to the aid of their fellow flock

Angry bull simulator attack 2017 is a dynamic platform game for android, in which, controlling a furious bull, you will control its actions. The bull has incredible power and, breaking free, can destroy everything in its path. Your task - to lead the bull through the streets of a small town, accelerating it to a high speed

Horse simulator: Goat quest 3D. Animals simulator - a game for the android platform, which invites you to make an exciting, but not easy journey through the medieval world. It's not easy because you'll be doing it together with a strange horse that dreams of becoming a goat. In this case, the horse can fulfill his dream

Puppies LWP - wonderful live wallpapers on Android, for dog lovers :). Funny little puppies will certainly please you. Make your mobile device unique with live wallpapers Puppies LWP

Apocalyptic City - very beautiful and atmospheric live wallpaper on the Android device with the image of a post-apocalyptic city. With the application, you have the opportunity to consider in detail every corner of the city, thanks to cameras installed

Clan of puma - game for android platform, in which the main character, who is a cougar, should restore his clan, which with the help of a large map to explore the world and find all the clan members. Found clan members join and help her cougar hunt different prey