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Idle Cafe! Tap Tycoon  is a game for the android platform that invites you to try yourself as the owner of a cafe. The gameplay is automated - customers enter the cafe, the staff serves them without the participation of the player, and the player receives money. As a cafe owner, you can create a menu from the existing recipes, furnish the cafe to your liking

Scrapyard Tycoon Idle Game  is an incremental game for the android platform in which you have to manage workers in a junkyard and upgrade existing equipment. You have customers who come for car parts, so you can make money by fulfilling their orders

Project Highrise  is a game for the android platform in which you will build famous skyscrapers, playing the role of both an architect and a developer. Your task is to build skyscrapers that can achieve worldwide fame by managing construction and caring for tenants. Your choice that you will build an exclusive office building

Hell Park - Tycoon Simulator  is a game for the android platform in which you will build attractions, but not on the ground, but in hell, because the word hell in the title of the game is used literally. You have to build an amusement park in hell with a variety of devils, cauldrons and attractions

Gacha life  is a game for the android platform in which you will have a great time with the heroes of the game, collecting a collection of cute characters. You can change the appearance of your favorite characters, dressing them in fashionable costumes and supplying them with beautiful accessories. By purchasing clothes, weapons and other items, you can make each hero exceptional

Idle Police Tycoon - Cops Game  is a game for the android platform in which money is earned through solved crimes, so you need to invest in professional development to solve more complex cases and increase income. There is a small empty police station at the beginning of the game

Freelancer Life Simulator 2: Idle startup life sim  is a game for the android platform, in which, developing your hero, you will turn him into a successful startup. You are sitting at home, acting as a freelancer, and working on your own or other peoples projects. For other peoples projects, you can receive money from customers, or you can do something your own, promote and turn into a successful business

Prison Empire Tycoon  - a game for the android platform, made in the genre of clicker. You need to manage the prison, which turns out to be a rather complicated issue. You need to satisfy the needs of prisoners by improving their convenience in the cell, sanitary unit, kitchen, library and the like, as well as making entertainment accessible

Bake it  is a game for the android platform, in which you can act as a baker, fulfilling customer orders. When the order appears on the screen, the baker must choose the forms, ingredients for the dough, creams and jewelry for baking, while the forms, tools and ingredients are diverse

Box Office Tycoon  is a game for the android platform in which you can become the owner of a cinema, building it and developing it. You will create new halls, various outbuildings, karaoke, bars, shops, cash desks and much more. The amount of money earned depends on the number of visitors and the entertainment with which you fill your cinema