Download for free clicker On Android

Watermelon evolution: Idle tycoon and clicker game - a fun game for android platform in which you can surprise the world by creating new kinds of watermelons. By combining pairs of identical watermelons, you can get new species, for example, flying watermelons, or watermelons-cats, or other peculiar watermelons. You have to control the evolution of watermelons, just by clicking on the screen, and get the gold coins

Deep Town: Mining Factory - a game for the android platform, performed by developers of the Rockbite Games studio in an association of genres such as clicker and strategy. You can call the game an excellent and exciting time killer. You will travel to another planet, but not just so, and to do an important job there

Ragnarok clicker - game for android platform, in which you are waiting for exciting adventures, in search of which you went along with popular characters. You are waiting for battle face to face with monsters and battle with powerful bosses. Your heroes possess exceptional abilities to be used to defeat the enemy

Tiny Sheep - game for android platform, made in the genre of the clicker developers Mindstorm Studios, which is located in Pakistan. The game is becoming more popular, averaging almost half a million downloads. The game offers you to make money by selling wool. The virtual world of the game will allow you to receive tremendous profits

Idle space: Endless clicker - is an interesting game for the Android platform, where you're on your spaceship will dissect the expanse of the endless galaxy. You need to clear a path, destroying the alien space fleet. In order to attack the enemy, you just need to acquire the screen. For every destroyed ship

Century City - a game for android platform from Pine Entertainment Developer, declared as simudyator, but I must say, is quite simple, which is more reminiscent of a clicker. In the game you have to dig for gold and build the city

Egg, Inc. - an exciting game for the Android platform in the genre of the clicker, which is a combination of time-killer, economic strategy and the usual farm. You will manage the chicken farm, the size of which is determined only by your imagination and the desire to develop and provide an answer to the question of what came first

Campaign Clicker - game for android platform, realized in the genre of the clicker, but not hackneyed theme of zombies, but on a very current topic US presidential elections. In the election campaign faced two parties - the Democrats and the Republicans

Tap tap trillionaire - game for android platform, in which, having risen from a small firm director to head a multinational corporation, you will earn money for buying and selling goods. To buy and sell, you just need to tap the screen, and the more times you press, the more coins will get, therefore hire employees

Zombidle - game for android developers a platform from Berzerk Studio, it's a clicker, besides quite banal, is not original. But let's all in order. Home is your task - to become the bad guy