Download for free battles On Android

Our Empire Pro  is a game for the android platform, which is positioned as a turn-based strategy, in which you will fight for world domination. There are 2 scenarios to choose from in different time periods and parts of the world. The main focus is on combat, but in addition to military force, you can use diplomacy

ECHOES of MANA  is a game for the Android platform in which you have to manage a squad of 3 fighters. These fighters, led by magical power, go in search of an ancient sword that can once and for all cleanse the fairy-tale universe from evil. Battles take place in real time, and you can switch to a separate member of the squad at any time

KUNG FU LEGEND  is a game for the android platform, which is positioned as a role-playing game in the style of kung fu, made in the style of ink and wash. Embark on a journey to a kung fu legend. Online real-time battles, easy offline AFK upgrade plus 6 sects to choose from with extraordinary divine weapons and outfits

GATHERERS  is a game for the Android platform, which is positioned as a joint multiplayer shooter. So you will face the invasion of evil alien invaders. The rot has corrupted the planet, infecting both organics and machines, but a small fraction of the survivors come together to take the world from the aliens.

Perfect Arena  is a game for the android platform in which you need to create the perfect action. So, the perfect combination. There are more than 100 types of superheroes from East and West, as well as six attributes - wind, fire, water, light, darkness and soul. You can create a better combination of tank, dealer and healer

Dungeons of Dreadrock  is a game for the Android platform in which you, along with a dwarf, will go through a campaign in an ancient undermountain kingdom. The goal of your dwarf in the story is to win the battle with the Yorkies, the undead and other fabulous monsters. The gameplay is a classic old-school rpg with puzzle elements

Zombie wars Castle defense  is a great Android game in which you will find yourself in an apocalypse world where the world has been attacked by monsters and zombies. You need to find and save survivors, build a powerful shelter, fight monsters to survive in this apocalyptic world

Ninja Relo - shuriken autofire  - a great fun 2D platform shooter game for Android about ninja! You are welcomed by the mysterious world of ninja, where you need to gain infinite power in order to fight the evil ninja, who launched the forbidden ninjutsu and opened the gates of hell, while demons came out from there, and the world itself turned into a continuous hell

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2  is the second part of the popular and addictive horror game for Android, in which you need to open doors and do other manipulations in order to survive. Beware of monsters waiting for you behind every door

MMA - Fighting Clash 22  - a game for the Android platform, which is positioned as a 3D first-person fighting game. Battles take place in ring cages for fights without rules. Battles are limited to a few minutes. Fighters and opponents look like classic athletes. Gameplay is affected by 5 physical characteristics