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Box It Up! Inc. - a game for the android platform, which invites you to work on the conveyor belt, which represents the playing field. There are boxes at the beginning and colored sections at the end. Boxes are of a specific color and your task is to send each box to a section of the same color. Movement speed increases as you progress through the game

Rhythm Hive  is an Android platform game designed for fans of Korean pop music. The gameplay is similar to traditional rhythm runners, where you run along the track and avoid obstacles that appear in time with the playing soundtrack. Multiplayer offers collaborative gameplay that mixes soundtracks

Blocky Bridge  is a cool 3D Android game with which you can test your reflexes. Avoid moving bridges, try not to fall off them if they are driven over. Collect coins and unlock new cars. You need to clearly place bridges in the right places to help your car pass. Its a dynamic endless runner

Light the Sea  is a platform game for android in which you have to control the movement of a firefly born in the depths of the sea. The gameplay is similar to the jump rope, but instead of jumping, the game supports movement by jerking in the water. By the way, predators and landslides should be avoided along the way. To gain extra points, you have to save

PSG Football Freestyle  is a game for the android platform that invites you to learn and take part in forty soccer ball trick competitions. They can be learned by performing a specific sequence of movements. There are 400 different competitions to take part in

Dark Ghost  is a game for the android platform, which was created based on the Hornstromp animated series. The hero of the animated series can switch to a new episode by opening another door, because the game is designed as a corridor with doors. In the location behind the opened door, the hero is attacked by mobs that need to be destroyed to complete the level

Risky Road - a game for android in the style of racing platform, rather, survival, because you have to hold out as long as possible on the track, which is a classic figure eight. Gameplay is to race to the bottom of the Group of Eight, and in its upper part, too, will race car