Download for free three in a row On Android

Cartoon Crush is a game for the android platform, created in the genre of logical puzzle for “three in a row”, in which there are various beautiful combo effects, if you connect not three blocks, but more. The connected blocks not only disappear, giving out some special booster in return, but also display various magical illusions on the screen

Small town murders: Match 3 is a game for the android platform in which you go to the crime scene and collect all the possible evidence to help smart and writer Nora Mystry solve the mystery of the series of crimes that took place in her small and cute town. To solve the mystery, you need to solve an interesting puzzle,

Bubble Wings is an interesting and challenging game for the android platform for shooting bubbles. The game will take you to the world of beautiful chickens and, if you are ready for exciting shooting, welcome to Match 3 to save all the charming animals. To go through all the levels filled with colorful bubbles and reach the top of the sky

Epic pets - a logical game for the android platform, in which you will find an exciting journey and meeting with a huge number of funny, but at the same time exceptional creatures. You need to find pets and take them under your care, not allowing them to fall into bad hands. Each young animal has special abilities will

Link: Blast puzzle game - a game for the android platform in the genre of "three in a row", in which, going on a trip to exotic corners with the heroes of the game - a professor and his assistant, you have to make chains of three or more identical animals. At the same time, they will disappear from the playing field, and you will receive rewards

Tribio puzzle is an android platform game made in the "three in a row" genre in which you have to make rows of three or more pelicans, dragging them onto the free cells of the playing field. Then sick birds will be cured, and you will receive a reward. Think over your moves and place healthy pelicans in the right corners of the screen.

Birds mania: Match 3 is an android platform game in which you can make a trip to a wonderful country inhabited by many birds of six kinds. If you make rows of 3 or more identical multi-colored birds, changing their places, they will be removed from the screen, and you can earn a prize

Mystery world dragons is a game for the android platform, in which you will need your logical thinking during an exciting journey through the fantasy world. You will meet with the heroes of the game and have to solve puzzles, sorting mystical gems and building long rows of stones of one kind to start a chain reaction of magical explosions

Jungle crush diamond is an android platform game in which you will go in search of an abandoned temple in the jungle in order to find treasures. To do this, you have to wade through cunning traps and solve logical problems. You will sort the magical gems in such a way as to form rows of 3 or more gems

Birds isle is an android platform game that will take you to a tropical island, where you will sort bird feathers, fruits and other objects of different colors, making rows of 3 or more identical. The island is populated by various exotic birds such as parrots, toucans and others.